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  • GoDaddy as a host?

    My forums will go over my mySQL database size limit pretty soon so I need to get another host, gonna get it probably August 1st - if that matters.

    I looked at GoDaddy's hosting packages and their Economy Plan looks good to me. 250 GB transfer will be enough since I plan on leaving the vBulletin files where they are (on my current host) and just moving the mySQL database alone so that won't use too much bandwidth.

    They said the limit on their mySQL is the limit of the total file size limit so that's supposedly 5GBs that I can get to in my mySQL since there will be nothing else on there. It's sounding good to me, what do you guys think? Will they restrict me from using the mySQL if I'm not using it on their files or whatever?

    Any personal experience with hosting? The package I mentioned is here: - first one.

    Edit: Actually, after reading the posts around here, I'm thinking about switching to site5 completely. Hearing some bad stuff about 1and1 here.
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    godaddy is a good host IMO but i dont think they allow remote mySql connections,actually most hosts dont allow that, so if you just want to move your database.check that
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      I wouldn't use GoDaddy as a host. A lot of people warned me off them earlier in the year when I was looking for a new host.

      A Small Orange are usually well recommended, along with others. The best bet is to have a good read around this forum for recommendations.
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        Yeah, I'm gonna go with site5 - I suppose I won't be hitting 500 gb bandwidth anytime soon.


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            Originally posted by YodaGmaN View Post
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            Please don't advertise services as an unlicensed member. We might consider it as a real advertisement and delete the post. Especially when you go into this much detail of getting someone to go an d sign up.


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              When I fist did research on hosting and ask about people said stay away. I have ran godaddy on a nice size forum about year and half with only one problem and that was due to someone reporting a email I sent out as spam.

              I believe I was down 29 hours. And got the problem straigting out. I give them a b- over all.

              Many people that do work on my forum, says godaddy is not user friendly, that is the only reason, if i was to start over I would not use them


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                I too wont recommend Godaddy for shared hosting. but site5 ? hmmm..
                ASO is good, so is HostGator. There are few other pretty good hosts, but they dont oversell so probably wont meet your space requirements
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                  We had to move from goddady as they wouldnt support vbulletin for us or something? We were originally using phpbb - we had to switch servers for vbulletin.

                  We didnt really have too many problems with them to tell the truth. We found them good for the price we paid.

                  You may want to double check this.


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                    I just switched from Godaddys economy plan to ASO a few weeks ago. Vbulletin worked with godaddys economy plan however godaddy has a horrible control panel (if you can even call it one) poor speeds, restoring your mysql database is a pain since they only allow 2 megs. Switched to ASO and finally saw what I was missing out on, should have done it ages ago.


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                      Site5 is a good choice if you're just getting a simple plan. However, it's a sort of roulette as to how fast the server you get put on goes. Their servers have 80+ clients each on them. That was my main problem with them. Also why I went into the hosting business.


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                        I have been using Godaddy for a month now and well now I am looking to purchase vbulletin to run my forum.

                        Is this a bad idea after reading all the messages on problems. I bought a lot of bandwidth. does that help me out at all with using vbulletin.

                        I really like this program (vbulletin) because I am use to it from other sites and it is very user friendly. I just hate to have spent a lot of money on a 2 year contract with godaddy for nothing.

                        can someone give me any good information or just wait 2 years and go with another server.

                        One more easy is putting vbulletin on my web site??? I am not the sharpest webmaster. heck I would refer to myself as a webstudent.


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                          iam with godaddy for hosting and just installed my vbulletin there as iam closing down my old host, it works great there not a problem


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                            I'm using godaddy (virtual dedicated server) and i'm getting lots of timeout errors and loading will hang for a few seconds at first. It's weird cause after it loads then the site flys.. I emailed them and they told me it looks like a scripting error. I don't agree with them, well the fight goes on.


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                              I've been using Godaddy since December 2005 for my vBulletin forum and I have had no troubles at all with them. I have thousands of images and lots of fairly large video clips and music files on my forum with quite a lot of traffic and it has been great.
                              My previous host was slow and unreliable which was why I switched to Godaddy and it was the best thing I have done.
                              The only issues I have had are questions relating to setup and one issue I had a week ago with an email account not sending mail. Any tech support questions I have had have been answered and resolved very quickly.


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