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  • Good Hosting Company For Website / Forum

    Couple thousand members right now but plan to grow... also have a main site aside from forum which generates lots of traffic.

    Right now I'm using Go Daddy.... But seems my site is lagging almost all the time, going really slow and my server stats are:

    Dedicated Server (Why is it lagging and going so slow a lot of times?)

    Operating System: Red Hat Fedora Core 2 Processor: Intel Celeron - 2.0 GHz RAM: 1 GB Total Disk Space: 120 GB RAID: None Firewall: None Bandwidth Allotment: 500 GB Control Panel Type: Plesk

    Looking for somethin thats gonna be fast and reliable.

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    It's lagging and going so slow because you're on a single Celeron processor. Old hosting trick, you give someone oodles of resources they'll never use )500Gb bandwidth) then cut back on what they will (the processor). You have no firewall? At all? Really?

    The people here love A Small Orange, as good a place to start as any I guess. But a general tip for the future: Don't host with a company that is primarily a domain registrar.


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      Yea I've been finding out about how bad Godaddy is, they give me poor customer support also. And no firewall right now....

      The sites been up for a year now so something that I can move to and stay on for along time


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        Are you looking for a new shared host? Do you know what your disk space and bandwidth is per month to direct you to hosts dealing with your usage.


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          I want high bandwidth and fairly good disk space.... at least 100 GBs....

          Gonna be running radio through it and the site will grow rapidly soon so I don't want to have to upgrade servers... something good right away is what im lookin for..

          Anythin between 120-200 dollars... or somethin else...

          Just need a good company to get with ... Small Orange is all sold out


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            100 GB diskspace? I think you may need a dedicated server
            real name no gimmicks.


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              Yeah a Dedicated Server is what I'm looking for


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                Any specific location?

                Do you require support apart from the obvious reboots etc.
                Either unmanaged, semi-managed, fully managed.


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                  North America but no it doesnt matter....

                  What type of support... ? I've never had support, what do they help you with? DB Backups etc...?

                  it would be nice, but I've been managing without any support for awhile now... Godaddy has the worst support I've ever seen...


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                    My rank of data centres.

                    1. Softlayer ( Texas
                    2. GNAX ( Atlanta California
                    3. One Wilshire (
                    4. ThePlanet ( Texas
                    5. Nac/15minuteservers (, New Jersey
                    6. Liquidweb ( Lansing
                    7. Voxrox ( New York
                    8. Layeredtech ( Texas
                    9. Interserver ( New Jersey
                    10. Tailormadeservers ( Texas

                    A few semi/fully managed companies.

                    1. Liquidweb (
                    2. Interserver (
                    3. Theplanet (
                    4. Servstra (

                    Addon server management.



                    1. Rack911 (

                    Check out for offers and reviews.
                    Research thoroughly, lots of specials on WHT too. Try to avoid resellers
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             better Gnax ?

                      try (100% uptimes network)
                      Optimize your website
                      Cool Wallpaper
                      All Android Rom


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                        I forgot Global Compass. I just put a few your going to come across many others when looking around. I could sit here all day listing different datacenters.

                        In terms these all are the best it gets in terms of network, price and support.

                        1. GNAX ( Atlanta California
                        1. One Wilshire (

                        Softlayer new but doing everything right and are moving up the rank quicker than others

                        1. Softlayer ( Texas

                        DDOS migration protected networks, no ordering:

                        1. Gigeservers (
                        2. Staminus (

                        Others to look out for, no ordering:

                        1. Rackspace (
                        2. Equinix (
                        3. EV1Servers (
                        4. Steadfast (
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                          what does that mean, no ordering?
                          ~ normal is overrated ~

                          One Buzy Mama!


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                            Originally posted by Ohiosweetheart View Post
                            what does that mean, no ordering?
                            I guess no ranks


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                              You can just upgrade to a p4 and stay with godaddy. They are not as bad as it is made out to be. If you know what you need, you must be having a good time with godaddy. I have a p4 with 2GB ram, running a forum with 500+ members online at peak and doing really well. The good thing is, its very easy to upgrade anything on godaddy. Just select it from control panel.
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