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    Hello, its me the PHP and MySQL Newbie of the vB forums!

    Well, I'm getting ready to buy a server in about january so my Network of sites will be complete!
    I'm thinking that all the sites combined, in bandwidht would be about 400+ gigabytes a day, if not more (Specail layout to reduce loading and bandwidth).
    What do you think would be a good idea for a server? I heard, from many good sources (friends that own servers) that Verio has no charge for bandwidth. I know a network thats been doing it for about 2 years since May 10th...
    Or would it be a better idea to get my own sever in my house and somehow have no bandwidht charge? Of course I'm only 14 so I probably can't build a server here, yet I can configure the stats of one.

    So if I get one from Verio I'll only pay about $700 or so per month. Compared to $5000 if I got somewhere that charges for bandwidth.

    I'm so confused

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    400GB per day?!

    sweet jebus!


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      My sites only use about 2 Gb per day...

      and we're talking 50k-70k pageviews a day....


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        2GB, a day???? I don't evne get that on a month!


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          400GB per day? That's 12,000GB per month. If you check Verio's dedicated server pricing ( ), that would cost you around $975 (Linux 4 server) + $36,000 (240 150GB blocks of bandwidth @ $150 each), for a total of around $37,000 a month.

          That's a little on the high side, but there's no way anyone can offer you 400GB of bandwidth a day for less than 10k a month.



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            i do 2gigs a month.


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              400 GB per day? But you're also a "CEO", so I assume that's not an exact figure.



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                If your going to be owning big networks like Trintium, Negative Ion, and VGF , having some of the biggest anime and gaming sites on the net, plus more, your going to have a big bandwidth charge. There are atleast 5 sites that get about 20 gigabytes a day of bandwidth, EACH. Plus the virtual hosting people will pay, plus my site, BZN's own sites. Then you must remember all the other accounts they have.

                Now look at it, doesn't seem so hard after all now does it?


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                  400GB???? Damn! Mine uses 5GB/month and gets 25k users per day.!
                  - MrLister


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                    A reply from... me!

                    Well, theres atleast about... hm... 4 online arenas to battle people on real time or battle a cpu. One day I was on one of those for acouple hours, ate, and another 'couple hours. They are addicting.

                    But still, hopfully I can get acouple servers with that much stuff...

                    We are hoping to have:

                    Fun eh? Plus I'm finishing the layout that every BZN site will use, kind-a like IGN. Color coded, real simple layout. Blah Blah Blah...

                    But about bandwidth, I know a place that doesn't charge for bandwidth so I'm not really worried, I just wanna know why it costs money to send something? Seems stupid in a way...


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                      Guess you have an 'unlimited' bandwidth host? If you do, they will not be happy you use 400GB/day. They'll probly charge you more.


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                        I agree - anyone who doesn't charge for bandwidth or says "unlimited bandwidth" is telling porkies.
                        400GB a day is 100% out of the question.

                        NOCs would have a hard time selling BW to you for less than 75cents a GB - and 400GB a day? Thats like dedicated OC3 or something!

                        Best thing in my opinion is to co-locate a server with a bw carrier like UUNET - they have the capacity to house it for you - but it WILL cost you a lot of money.



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                          Re: A reply from... me!

                          Originally posted by BZN Erik
                          But about bandwidth, I know a place that doesn't charge for bandwidth so I'm not really worried, I just wanna know why it costs money to send something? Seems stupid in a way...
                          I guarantee this "place" will not be hosting you if/when you hit 400GB a day. You will probably be gone within hours.

                          Why is it stupid? Somebody has to pay for the wires, the pipes, the guys installing them, the people running them, the computers routing them, the networks supporting them, etc. etc. etc.


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                            I got kicked off my "unlimited" account at 1gig a month, looking further in there TOS (almost 10 pages long, i did not read it fully before signing up) there unlimited was "within reason, under our discretion".

                            If your going to seriously be using 400gig a day, i think you would understand where the charges come from, like tubedogg says, somebody has to pay!

                            Email or call a few of the big dedicated server guys, im sure if you are really going to be using 400gig a day, they would make a deal for $.50 to $.75 per gig of transfer, thats only $6200 - $9000 a month for transfer charges, not bad for the amount of transfer you will be using. At the very min, most big hosting companys pay around $.35 per gig of tranfer, so dont plan on getting hosting for anything under $4200, that doesnt even include the thousands of dollars you will need for the hardware...


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                              do like us americans, sign up for unlimited with the intent to abuse it... then when they kick you sue their ass! haha!


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