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Vservers (hostpro) or Site5?

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    thanks wandrer.

    A very nice guy named chris told me that the db was included in the disk space allowance for vserver lite...sooo.. o.o Well that's still better than having a BAD hosting provider. Hopefully I will be able to STAY with this one, right?


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      the db is probably included in the vserver lite (which I know nothing about), but for the vserver pro - the more you can stick in the database, the more HD space you can get


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        I still have no clue guys...My options are now burst or site5...(vserver is too expensive for me)

        Anyone who can give some usefull feedback about these hosts? Of maybe suggest another host? My minimum diskspace should be around 500 mb and fee from $25 - $50 a month.


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          Mail Daniel from ultraspeedusa a request to make you a custom plan.

          He should be able to give you 500 mg for 50 dollars although that is pushing it.

          Tell him M.B. sent you and he will negotiate with you


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            here's a little suggestion for all of you... if you want to cover some of your hosting costs... sign up for those pay to search programs and integrate it into your site ...

            This month i signed up and use which pays US$0.05 per search made per 12 hrs. (I would use my referral link but it's against Searchtraffic's terms )

            I have 1 dedicated server (US$430/month) and 2 virtual (US$80/month) accounts totalling around US$510/month - i am surpised cause to start off my first month so far, i have been making US$2/day for which helps cover some of my virtual accounts costs. That should increase once i add the search box to my other sites (yes, 1 account can be used on multiple sites )

            i have contacted's support a while back and they were very responsive... although i did not sign up with them, i still have their ICQ numbers in my contacts...
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              I've chosen to go for site5, hope it's the right choice...Can't be worse than my current host (pair)


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                Originally posted by Martin
                I might have to check out vservers. I'm very much less than satisfied with where I'm at right now.
                I know what you mean. We're in the process of switching to VServers from Interland. Get out now while you still can!

                Also, after you switch, make sure that you notify your credit card company that you will no longer be accepting any charges from them, because they will charge your card, whether you cancel or not. We had a 4 four month credit, and they still billed us for another 6 months of dedicated hosting.
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                  site on site5 down

                  right now, my site on site5 is down. It was down for a short time yesterday, but today it's been down most of the afternoon.

                  I get no response from tech support. They have numerous ways to contact them... email, web ticket (which probably just emails them), ICQ support (not online or invisible).

                  No phone number!

                  I had been thinking of moving a lot of my accounts over to Site5, but now I have to think twice. The support seems to be lacking. They say to expect a 24 hour turn around, which may be acceptable most of the time, but when a site goes down I don't think it's too much to expect an immediate response.

                  So, it looks like I'll be searching for another host. I liked how vservers looked, but went with Site5.

                  not a happy camper...
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                    Vservers has been my first and (so far) only host. I've been using them for ~8 months now, and like wandrer mentioned, one of the great features of the vserver pro package is unlimited databases. Tech support has always responded to any problems quickly and they also provide extensive documentation on server usage. Also, vservers supports vhosts, which make their virtual servers great for hosting multiple domains/websites.

                    I'd recommend vservers to anyone, and as soon as I scrape together enough money to break into a dedicated server I'll try one out.

                    Oh, by the way, I'm an authorized reseller.. *hint hint*


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                      Hey Mas*Mind, be sure to post back here with your opinions on Site5... The list of features and price seem really good for what I need. Especially support for vBulletin, as I will be "upgrading" from my current UBB soon. I just hope Site5's support issues get cleaned up...

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                        Which host? None of the above! I use and am *thrilled* with their tech support and flexibility...I'd definetly check them out. Feel free to email me ([email protected]) if you'd like me to elaborate a bit.

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                          TWT are you affiliated with them? I've seen another suggestion from you on this forum. Quite honestly I have never heard of them....

                          Originally posted by TWTCommish
                          Which host? None of the above! I use and am *thrilled* with their tech support and flexibility...I'd definetly check them out. Feel free to email me ([email protected]) if you'd like me to elaborate a bit.

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                            Nope! I have a site or two hosted there and am very happy with their service...not surprising that I sound like I work for them...but I praise them simply because I think more people should use them...LOL; you're not the first person to ask that question though.
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                              Oh okay. Sorry about that. It just seemed like you like them a bit TOO much but I guess that's possible. I'm a bit hesitant of going with someone I've not heard too much about so... But if vservers is not for me I'll take your advice. Thanks!


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                                You're right to be skeptical...however on other sites such as a most inquiring about ThinkHost will likely draw several favorable replies, if not more. I guess the reason I like them so much is that the only two other hosts I've used took a lot longer on tech support...I became accustomed to waiting til the next day for a reply...

                                Good luck with your decision!
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