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Vservers (hostpro) or Site5?

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  • Vservers (hostpro) or Site5?

    I'm thinking of switching companies and I wanted to know which one had the best bang for the buck and has reasonable virtual server handling of databases? After's experience I want a host that won't leave me high and dry when I need help with my database. (or simply give me an option to run myisamchk)

    thanks everyone and again it's

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    (btw wandrer, I know you like vservers and that's why I put them down on my personal list)

    Actually I'm curious... how much db space does vservers allow? Can anyone clue me in on this?


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      I've used and a burst co-locator....but I switched because of the message board hits from one and because of a terrible ongoing issue with server downtime on the other.

      I'm currently with vservers and on a large plan. However, I called them on the phone to discuss hits allowed since their plan discribed it as unlimited. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't bounced off (or asked to make oth arrangements ASAP) at some point in the message board growth. I was assured that I was allowed 300K hits per day for the plan I bought into and at that point if it was a consistent daily hit average, they would notify me...and we would move me to a larger space (the only one left to me: dedicated server).

      I like the professionalism of vserver, the HUGE operation that it is...the phone tech support (I used them 5 times yesterday trying to get all set up....brand new server) and each time they were nice, called me back to make sure I had resolved what I needed to on my end.

      I'll let you know in the long run, but for this short few days, I'm happy.
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        Thanks Kathy.

        I think I may go with vservers and then move a bit higher onto the totem pole.

        BTW to ammend my first post Communitech fixed my db problem albeit a few mixed messages saying they couldn't. The tech support isn't bad but don't expect too much and you will be satisfied.

        I think I will start looking for ads and other banner options for dedicated revenue


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          SonnetCelestial - what server where you on at ct?


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            I might have to check out vservers. I'm very much less than satisfied with where I'm at right now.


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              for me: or

              Ok, I've decided to leave pair (finally!)

              Vservers seems pretty good to me, but too expensive (I need 250 mb MIN)
              So I guess it's then or, but which one?...

     gives alot of space and features for relatively less mony. seems not to bad either

              Or has anyone another suggestion?


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                I wouldnt touch burst with a 10 foot pole

                look at



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                  Can you tell me what's wrong with burst? Their package seems really good for the price you have to pay.

                  You first host is not usefull for me; I need at least 250 mb storage if not 500.

                  The second package seems not very good to me..

                  Have you any experience with them? And what about

                  Thanks for the feedback though


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                    Originally posted by doron
                    SonnetCelestial - what server where you on at ct?
                    Not sure for php but I think I am on Pisces. You?


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                      Originally posted by Kaiser_Sose
                      I wouldnt touch burst with a 10 foot pole

                      look at

                      About webaxxs.... don't get me wrong, their hosting is great, however let me explain that what kills you is bandwith. Their overages for bandwith are very high... That's the primary reason why I gave them only a 7 rating on another thread although I think performance wise it's really up there.

                      As for burst I heard bad things about their down time (site5 is hosted on burst) but it seems like they've compensated ?? for that? I'm not sure, best bet is to ask the customers.


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                        has anyone used them


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                          Originally posted by Kaiser_Sose

                          has anyone used them
                          Sorry and i haven't heard of them although you might want to go here and press your luck...

                 ... Take a look at the forum. you might find something new.


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                            (sorry I haven't been around lately - working on other projects)

                            how much db space does vservers allow? Can anyone clue me in on this?
                            I have a few Vserver Pro's which have 250MB apiece.

                            **Hint** **Hint** mySQL db's are 'unlimited'.

                            On one Vserver Pro, i run UDMSearch to index websites and that mysql database is ~500MB (not including the 220MB that is taken up by the website).

                            I've been around to many webhosts in the past, but when I found Vservers - I fell in love

                            Now over 1.5 years with them and am a very very happy customer.


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                              Dear VServer/HostPro customer:
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