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  • ddos and hosts

    I never had a problem with script kiddies in 6 years running my site. In the past week I've had 3 ddos attacks, yet my host only informed me of one, and now they are going to terminate my account. Is there a way to prevent, stop or slow ddos attacks?

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    In extreme cases, your host would need to setup measures to further prevent the DDoS attacks. Measures to prevent can be setup at the router level and so forth to further prevent such, or at least work to mitigate.

    If your host isn't taking any measures to prevent DDoS and such attacks, I'd honestly start looking for a new host. Even most data centers work to prevent such.


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      What KingSpade said.... if the datacenter isn't actively preventing DDOS attacks and they're gonna nail your account (which is just absolutley retarded), you definitely need to start looking elsewhere. It's not worth it to stick with someone who are gonna pass the buck of their responsibilities to you.

      Also if you have a dedicated server, try installing a firewall and banning the IP that the attack is coming from

      This is a good one that works well with Cpanel - (Vbulletin Forum Hosting) - (Our vBulletin forum Managed & hosted by MJWebhosting)


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        If the host has APF, in combination with BFD installed and working on the server, they should be able to easily mitigate a large sum of the attacks on a server level through IP banning. It may come down to someone simply trying to brute force their way into the server over an actual denial of service.

        It would seem odd to me, however, that a DDoS attack would be specifically targetted to a single website. Most of what I've seen has been an ongoing attack on the server itself. While nailing one account surely does cause trouble for others, terminating one account isn't going to help in the case that they are just sitting there pinging every account one by one.

        Doing a reverse IP lookup is going to give the attacking party access to the domains hosted on the server, so if termination is the route they are going to follow and the attacker is looking to hit one site at a time, then they are going to be terminating quite a few accounts.


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          A DDoS is not something anyone can combat except the datacenter itself.

          If they are going to kill your account I think thats silly, I really doubt that you are the actual target of a DDoS, how is your host sure of this?


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            Its what the network engineer told me. 3 attacks on my site only in the past week. I don't see why I'm being targetted since I don't have anything on my site like warez, anima, porn, etc.

            My only guess is that just doesn't want to deal with actually making edits nor or they worried about keeping customers.


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              Ask them for explicit proof that the DDoS is being tarted at your website.


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                I'm not sure if shows up this way or not but my "Most Online Users" went from 40 or so to 1750 at that time during the last attack. All showed up as guests.


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