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  • Some questions...

    1. Why do some people say you shouldn't register your domain address with the same company you host with? Don't you just end up transferring the domain to the new host anyway, once you are set up with them? Why take the extra step?

    2. I saw some praise for hosting being fast/reliable but not allowing vB. I checked with their forums, and it seems vB is not banned anymore. So does anyone have any good/bad information about lunarpages before I get any closer to hosting with them?

    I did a search for this info, but it seems like a lot of the info is from a while ago, so I thought I would ask for some up to date feedback.

    I'm currently hosting with Yahoo Business right now and am very disappointed. I went in for the fast/easy/affordable setup (which it was), but their service stinks IMO.

    Slow forums (even with a pure install and no hacks or fancy setup). And my members are already complaining (rightly so) and we've only been live for like a month.


    I had a ridiculous stat problem: My projected bandwidth usage for next month was 18,446,744,073,709.6 when I'd used a whopping 1,700 or so the previous. Wtf? Obviously a big mistake, but when I reported the error some guy wanted my password (and permission) in order to get inside(?) and take a look. I thought it was a little weird to be asking for my password. So I said no thanks. The stats fixed itself eventually (after a few days, blah). But the password thing bugged me. Don't most places say we never ask you for your password, so dont give it out. Or maybe that only applies to other stuff. Dunno.


    The control panel is lame compared to the other ones I've seen out there for hosting control. Half their add on scripts don't install properly when you go to set them up. And their knowledgebase help is lacking and sends you in circles much of the time.

    Although I will say that when I wrote to ask what the hell was up with my stats, the password guy responded fairly fast which was nice until he creeped me out with the password request. Hehe.

    So yeah. That's a mistake I won't make again. Maybe someone can help me out with info on the aforementioned host and domain questions.

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    Responding only to your comment on him asking you for your password, its ok if he did, depending on the kind of software they are using, your registration info is saved for all support staff to see. But since they host a zillion sites, he probably took the easier route and asked you for it instead of digging through the mounds of data that they stored for all customers.

    If you started a trouble ticket for your stats issue and he responded to your ticket, I'd say its ok that he did ask you for it. He could get it one way or another (if he really wanted to). - (Vbulletin Forum Hosting) - (Our vBulletin forum Managed & hosted by MJWebhosting)


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      1. what happens if your hosting company registers the domain in their name? How do you plan to get it back? Some hosts can be very shady like that.

      2. Their track record with hosting vBulletin isn't great, I can't recomend them from the personal expirences I've had. SHOP around, the hosting market is huge, big name companys are mixed bags, and lunar pages is part of thatmixed bag.


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        @encryption, Thanks! Pretty much what I expected (they could look it up if they wanted), so him asking seemed a little shady. Good to know it was legit, anyway.

        @Zachery, Yeah I've seen about host companies doing that. But lunarpages claims to register in my name, if you do it with them. So I would expect them to. Dunno if they can just screw you over after it's in writing or not.

        Is it hard to register with an outsider (like godaddy), and then set up hosting with another company? Like transferring the domain for use somewhere else and what not. Is that process difficult. I registered with Yahoo for mine when I hosted, so I didn't have to do anything special.

        On 2. I just found this on their forums: "We also have a maximum allowed database connections, which is 50."

        Am I to understand that means I could only ever have a maximum of 50 clients/members on my vB simultaneously? If that's the case, I'm looking no further with them. I don't expect that many people right now or anytime soon, but I'm trying to think ahead.

        And after reading some more on their forums after posting my original questions. I come away with a bad feeling about them. They technically allow vB, but they make it abundantly clear that they have a track record with some vB boards on their servers that has kind of made up their mind about the software.

        Too bad too, their site loads like lightning for me, and when I pinged them, I got really sweet responses.
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          Nope, generally easier. And you don't have to worry much.

          Well, basicly they limit you to 50 active mysql connetions per mysql user, however they actually recomend using a workaround to their own stupid restrictions. You can configure vB with abit of extra code to make use of multiple user acounts.


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            Great, thanks very much for the info Zachery, this helps a bunch!
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