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    Is 300 GB's of Bandwidth enough for a forum? if its not then some one give me idea's on how much bandwidth is enough.

    Hopefully Il make my board quite big, and such.

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    300 GB i would say so.. i use 686MB this month..

    and disk space i have used over 800 MB


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      May I see your board?


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        echo, haven't you settled on a host yet?!
        You're spending millions of dollars on a website?!


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          No =(

          I have found one, but I don't know how much bandwidth is needed for an average sized board.

          30gigabytes of webspace
          300 gigabytes of bandwidth.

          Would 300 gigabytes be enough for future use.


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            If you are using 30GB's of disk space and 300GB's of bandwidth for a forum, you won't be using it in a shared hosting environment, I promise. For that much, you'd need to be on your own server.

            Look for a more acurate amount of disk space and bandwidth, not something that is so oversold it's obvious .

            If you're looking for a decent amount of space and bandwidth, try or


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              Yeah but is that enough space?

              This is the hosting I have been looking at:

              And they already have 500 satisfied users, you can sign up for a free acount, I have spoken with the host owner and he said that I will get 300gigs of bandwidth and 30gigs of webspace, he assured me on that.

              Anyways I have to go now, but please reply Il be back soon.


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                Many hosts promise the disk space and bandwidth, but in a shared hosting environment, you cannot honestly place it all to use and hosts count on it when selling it to you.

                Let's say (and this is hypathetically), the host you choose places only 100 accounts on a server (most place 200-600 per server). Now let's say all websites use the actual limits, that will use up 3 terabytes of disk space and 30 terabytes of bandwidth.

                Now, while it is possible to place multiple hard drives in a server, for a budget host, it simply isn't logical or affordable. In fact, they'd probably go under rather quick if 50% of their clients actually were able to get by with using these limits. However, I don't see a single server or ever a dual-server setup being able to handle 30 terabytes of data transfer in a month, or even a two-month period.

                The fact of the matter is simple: hosts sell budget accounts with 10GB+ of disk space and 100's of GB's of bandwidth because they know you will NEVER use it and generally, their TOS will ENSURE you never use it by filling it with CPU limitations, memory limitations and other such items.

                I've used Eleven2 for 4 months before, dropped them as I no longer needed the space and am now on for another 2 months so 6 total. In that time, they have been honest, upfront and I know I can count on them.

                In all honesty, most websites/forums will NEVER use more than 1GB of disk space and 5-10GB's of disk space. If you happen to fall in the grey area, simply upgrade your account later. Don't fall victim to another budget host scam.


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                  30 GB of storage space and 300 GB of bandwidth should be enough for most boards. In addition to the recommendations already posted, I'd like to add


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                    Originally posted by Quillz
                    30 GB of storage space and 300 GB of bandwidth should be enough for most boards. In addition to the recommendations already posted, I'd like to add
                    However, as stated above, unless you're on your own server, I wouldn't expect to be able to use near that, regardless of what's stated when purchasing the package.

                    30GB's is a hefty chunk of disk space and 300GB's of bandwidth is up there as well. If you expect your forum to be consuming resource of this nature, then shared hosting isn't for you, there's really no way around that.

                    I am not trying to be rude, but I've seen too many users get "suckered" into these types of hosting deals and then come back wondering why a host kicked them off, suspended their website, etc.

                    It's better to be safe than sorry and I personally would never sign up with a host offering that much. Most hosts use this as a marketing phase, and it works no doubt, but when you're looking for a hosting solution for your community, it's not really a viable option.

                    Site5 may be the one exception as I've heard mainly good things about them.


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                      Wow, that site5 hosting is nice. @[email protected]

                      Anyways I hear what you're saying, is that hosts say they give you that much not expecting you to actually use that much, and if you do use that much of Bandwidth or diskspace then they boot you off their servers?

                      Anyways I done a bit of research on site5 look here,
                      here and here. But then an exelent review here

                      Doesn't seem to promising, I think Il give a try, because their free hosting has never gone down nor have I ever seen it go down, and its quite fast. But if I don't like it, IL go to the eleven hosting place. Is it wise for me to do that?

                      Also 'I' want to keep almost every post I can on my forum with out having to put auto-prune on, is 30GB's enough for that? say if I had like 300,000 thousand posts.

                      I would get a dedicated or VPS host, but they just cost to much and I 'will' not pay that much for a host, when I can be doing better things with the money, maybe in future I will decide it is time to go VPS or Dedicated, as of now I only want shared hosting package.
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                        Most forums will never touch 30GB's of data unless attachment usage is high, the same for 300GB's of bandwidth.

                        As for upgrading to VPS or Dedicated, sometimes, there isn't an option as if your usage is too high, your host will suggest or suspend . Just speaking from those I've spoken with.


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                          Wait you got suspended on a dedicated server? wow.

                          Anyways 30GB's will just come in handy and the 300GB's also.

                          Thanks for your time and I have chosen that host,



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                            He didn't say you would get suspended from a dedicated, he said you may not get an option to upgrade your shared account to a dedicated as they may just suspend your account.

                            Well thats how I read it anyway.


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                              I asked the owner, and he said I could get a private plan with him, like he said if I wanted extra bandwidth or webspace, he said he'd give it to me for extra costs.


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