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Ded Server Options - had to start a new one :-)

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  • Ded Server Options - had to start a new one :-)

    OKay, here's my question as we look for ded servers.

    I've found a rare host that wants the setup costs to involve actually purchasing the server. In other words, we would purchase the server, own it while they hook it to the net and keep it connected and do the bandwidth thing to it.

    It is slightly less per month for this kind of setup than the usual server fees at rackspace, cihost, verio and such. I'd say a hundred less per month.

    Is there any advantage to OWNING that piece of machine in the long run? (Server purchase/setup approx 1500.00)

    Also, someone emailed me and suggested I hook a 3000.00 server up to an enhanced DSL line. (Are we talking comparing phone lines to a walky talky here?) Is this something that people do these days? And is 3000.00 usual for a 400 mhz server?

    Can someone with experience fill me in with some helpful advice? Thanks!
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    Hey Kathy,

    I was wondering, do you know of any cable companies in your local area who would allow you to rent raq space? I was thinking of building my own system and then colocating at a local RoadRunner line.

    It's totally legit and I heard prices as low as $170 a month from someone renting that space. Startup is expensive since you have to purchase the hardware yourself but I believe that it would save you much more money in the long run.

    Just a thought...

    oh and 3000 for a 400 MHZ server depends on the server specs. Can you list them for us?

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      How does $200 U.S.D. per month for up to 30GB/mo transfer with OC-3 connectivity sound... you supply rack-mountable server?


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        What does 200 per month buy me?

        Does sys admin come with it?

        I just got off the phone with digination and they offer a box with OS and redhat connected to the net but nothing else. I need sys admin too....

        Is there a manual for that stuff? ;-)

        Where are you Shaman?
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        Hysterectomy - - Fabulous Fifty

        I'm frequently asked about the skin designer for my forums.


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          System administration will definitely costs you a lot. Most companies charge over $100/hour for admin tasks. I would find someone that you know to help you admin the server until you felt comfortable doing it yourself. It's really not that hard if you are willing to learn (a lot of reading, asking questions, mailing lists, etc......).

          If you get a server with a good control panel your admin tasks would be greatly reduced. If you get a server with only the OS (assuming it's linux) then even daily admin tasks become tedious (even for an experienced admin).

          Take your time and make an educated decision, because there is nothing worse than regret, and wasted money.

          As for the dsl option, I wouldn't do it. I almost went that route a couple of months ago and after some careful thought and investigation, it just wasn't worth it. I think that $3000 for a server is high, but again it depends on the specs.

          Hope this helps.



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            Read this post Kathy.

            Leasing compared to owning your server is like leasing compared to owning your car except there is a better argument for leasing with cars since they wear out quick, computers just become obsolete. You can spend anywhere from $3000-5,000 to get a really really good server. Check out - they have a really cool configuration shopping cart, you can start off with one of their packages then make whatever mods you want. Choose "computers" from the main page then "file server". You can choose the ram, hard drives, anything. I configured a server the other day for about $4500 with THE WORKS, 1024mb ram, dual pIII 700mhz, dual hard drives, tape backup, everything..

            So, unless you are really really strapped for cash, buy your server now and colocate. You can get colocation packages with sysadmin and they will charge about the same either way. You gotta find the company that works best for you, they all have their quirks. Dellhost looks like it is for highend, high dollar corporations, I found a cool site called which has some real good deals. They have great prices on bandwidth and IP's.. It never ceases to amaze me the variation in pricing, it is such a hectic market and some people are scrambling to build a customer base. For eg. - dellhost IP's = $1.50/ea - IP's = $.20. Same variation in bandwidth fees. The well established companies have clout which they charge well for, go with a smaller company that has a good rep. There are also some companies that do just colocation and no server leasing so they can at times offer the best deal for that.

            In your case Kathy I would greatly recommend a RaQ3 server from They are the little blue ones, they come with all the software you need for easy admin including linux OS, mail server, DN server, Perl, PHP, everything. You can upgrade the hardware and or get another in the future, this is a real good option for newbies. Personally i think I will buy a top o' the line server from or Dell then have it colocated wherever I get the best deal on bandwidth and IP's, wherever has a good rep also of course.

            As far as hosting your own on DSL, I have been thinking about that for ages, here is the deal. First you must be able to get SDSL <symetric DSL - same upload as download speed> and not merely ADSL. This isn't available anywhere near me but even if it was, here is the catch. - SDSL has many less frames than T1 for instance, it is "full duplex" whereas T1 or greater is true "broadband". An analogy is - full duplex is like a mountain road where cars <or packets> can go both ways but not pass - T1 or greater is like a multi lane freeway where many cars <or packets> can pass at different speeds in either direction. This means SDSL is in some cases as functional as T1 such as LAN's etc.. but is not a top quality connection for a high traffic server. Although even if it was as good as t1, SDSL can cost from $150-300, you can get a server colocated for the top end of those prices and included with colocation is full UPS backup, secure and climatically optomized environment, full burst protection for bandwidth peaks, sysadmins on location.. etc etc. in short, doing it yourself with DSL is not a good way to go. For some guy who wants to you his desktop as a server for friends and family, hosting mp3's and stuff, yea, for a major high traffic server, no.

            Hope it helped. I will try to not be so relentless in my responses.


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              $300.00 Canadian (about $200 U.S.D. today I think) gets you:

              Rack space for one rack-mountable server of your spec
              1GB/day (30GB per month, roughly) via OC-3 line
              1 IP address (all that is required these days)
              Secondary MX record handling, primary DNS for one domain
              Secondary name services for up to three domains

              Options (in Canadian dollars... $1 USD = $1.45 CDN)

              One-time $25 setup for each additional secondary domain
              $75 per year for secondary MX handling for extra domains IR
              Additional IP available with justification
              Monthly tape change $25.00/mo
              Weekly tape change $45.00/mo
              Daily tape change $125.00/mo
              $75.00 per hour for support calls or in-house visit
              UPS power, $15.00 monthly (battery replacement annually)

              Additional bandwidth scales very nicely. 2GB/day is $420 per month (CDN) which is 60GB/mo.


              If you can find better pricing, etc. make sure that their internet connectivity is up to the level you expect.

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                Re: Hosting

                Originally posted by Shaman
                $300.00 Canadian (about $2000 U.S.D. today I think) gets you:
                Umm...think you mean $200.


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                  I just wrote about a page of awesome info and then lost it by hitting esc - I am very mad. good day.


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                    Sonnet... I think so too.

                    Will edit right now!


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                      Just a note on the system administration, with a few good moves you can really eliminate the need for it.

                      With a good control panel ( I got one with my host, you can see it at ), such as Webmin you can get alot of the things done that you would want a sys admin to do. Webmin is a really good one.

                      Secondly, if your on a FreeBSD system like me you get a thing called 'ports'. You simply go to the ports directory on your system and there is a lot of dirs there, hundreds of them with all these different programs in there. For example I don't know how to install programs on my server written in C, and needed to install ezmlm so I simply went to the ports directory and typed

                      make install

                      and it downloads it and configures it automagically. Just a thought. If your not a sysadmin, with FreeBSD and a good Control Panel you can eliminate the need for a sysadmin.
                      Michael Bray


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