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PowerVPS: Yes - 1And1: Not Anymore (long)

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  • PowerVPS: Yes - 1And1: Not Anymore (long)

    Precursor:, for almost two years, was hosted with 1and1 on a dedicated "Root Server 3" package. When we started out, the box was overkill for what we needed but it gave us a pile of room to grow and at the time we didn't want to take any chances. Our DB was upwards of 1 million posts, we're listed on and the site is just plain busy.

    Around six months ago, we looked at a snapshot of the logs and realized that while our site was very busy, we weren't really coming close to the utilization that'd require a $150/mo dedicated box. Myself and the other Administators decided that it was a good fiscal decision to scale the plan down.

    Since ASO couldn't work with us to find middle ground, we moved Club3g off of 1and1 to ASO, and then dude to some issues with them, PowerVPS where we are currently as of last week.

    And now, my story.

    Around the same time, I, personally, (apart from Club3G) had a few smaller sites hosted with 1and1. Namely, the biggest of my sites, and 5-6 smaller MySQL driven sites. Moving our Club3G server from 1and1 was simple, because we managed the DNS and it's just simple VB move. was running on their $20/month developer plan. They cap you at something like 10MB memory 10% CPU (don't quote me on that) and a max database size of 100MB for MySQL. has only been around for about two years, but as of late my traffic has picked up immensely, and my database size was 92/100MB.

    So I tried to contact 1and1 about upgrading my plan. I called, and called, and called again, but got nobody on the phone. Either the line would pick up and say "call back later", or I would simply be on hold for all eternity.

    My issue, was that they don't offer a middle ground between their $20/mo package and their $99/mo package. I was hoping that, since I had 7 total personal packages, as well as a $150/mo Root Server with them they might have something to offer me.

    (Note; If anyone's wondering, I didn't consolidate my sites onto the root server simply because Club3G is financed and run by 5 guys who've known each other for years, and my personal sites are my own business that I prefer to keep separate.)

    Anyhow. So I emailed 1and1, since the tech support that was top-notch when we were setting up our Root Server years back was, now that I had need of it again, nonexistant. When we setup the RS, I was the guy in charge of the OS and Database side, and truth be told I knew very little about it. Their techs were helpful, timely and so personable that I sent an email thanking them that they asked me permission to post on their testimonials page.

    Two weeks go by and I hear nothing. My email basically contained "Hey, I really want to keep my hosting with you guys, what can you do for me, a customer giving you around $150/mo?". Finally I get a one line email saying "upgrade to root server". The email that I sent laid it all out - why I didn't need a $99/mo package, why I was in a hurry because of my database size being 2MB off the cap, my support history with them, etc. The tech flat out ignored my actual email, paraphrased it to "need more", and couldn't be bothered to do anything further than send me a link to their website.

    Fast forward to just over a week ago. My site is on, running superbly and every single question I've asked them, even a few I threw out there "just to be on the safe side" has been answered or at least acknowledged within five minutes. FIVE minutes. I am absolutely blown away by PowerVPS's support team, but that's another story.

    The only thing at this time that I had left with 1and1, having moved all of my sites to PowerVPS was their "DNS Power" package, which is just a $5.99/mo or so pack that lets you manage your DNS. Since I have on a VPS, I can do my own DNS. For five bucks a month, 1and1's DNS package was worth it, basically just because I know and like the interface and truth be told I'm too busy to transfer the 11 domains that I have registered there (a few of which are just redirects).

    However, in their control panel exists no way to add nameservers to your registered domain if you run your own. Since I needed to actually be registered to work properly, I figured I'd try one last time to email them and ask if they could either register the nameservers for me, or at least point me to somewhere that I could do it myself since I didn't see it in the admin panel.

    Now, this is DNS. The only thing I could manage in their panel was pointing the domain at my box. No subdomain resolution, no mx records, no DNS records. Just pointing at my IP. This is important.

    I call, and it's the same. Either on hold for hours, or an automated "call back later". I did what I had to do - I transferred my domain to PowerVPS and let them manage it. My DNS, MX and Subdomains were up and working within the hour.

    EIGHT days after I email them asking how/where I can add DNS records to my account, I finally get yet another one line email back from their support team saying, directly quoted:

    The link below is for switching 1&1 mail servers external domains.

    I didn't ask how to switch my mail server or transfer my domain. I just asked how to ADD nameservers to my domain. So over a week goes by and again I get a one line email with a link to the wrong information.

    All that said, I'm on PowerVPS now and will have nothing to do with 1and1 again. When I first signed up with them two years ago I couldn't speak highly enough of them, and now their service and support is beyond abysmal. So my question, if there is one in this novel, is what the hell happened to 1and1?

    Lastly, I'd like to heartily recommend PowerVPS. Not only is my site running perfectly, their sales team answered all of my questions almost immediately when I was pinging them regarding hosting my site there, and since then I have not waited longer than 5 minutes for a thought-out, clear response to any questions I've had. I'd recommend them to anyone, they really are top-notch.

    - Chris

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    Originally posted by Club3G
    So my question, if there is one in this novel, is what the hell happened to 1and1?[/size]
    They grew too fast for their own good but couldn't be arsed to hire a larger team of technicians to complement their growing business.....

    6 page ads in PC Computing ARE gonna get you noticed..... you'd better be prepared for the inflow of customers, which obviously they never were or are still not doing anything about it.
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      Judging from WebHostingTalk and all other reviews floating around, they never really were "that" good in the first place and once they offered that 1-3 years of free hosting promotion (for new customers...) a long time ago, they went under even more.

      I honestly can't find too many people actually happy with their service. PowerVPS on the other hand, I've heard no real complaints from.


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        Another shout out to Power VPS. While their #1 plan is currently overkill for our small forum ( Le Foro ), Clint is just awesome on the support team, and you're just not paying for the VPS, you're getting great support to go along with it, highly recommended.


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