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Moving to a new host question

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  • Moving to a new host question

    OK, I should have done my homework a little better, but now I have a dilemma. My current host does not offer telnet or SSH access, and I am moving. Is there any way to move the database w/o access to either telnet or SSH????

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    if u have cpanel, try phpmyadmin - (Vbulletin Forum Hosting) - (Our vBulletin forum Managed & hosted by MJWebhosting)


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      I did just that....

      I have a .sql file on my desktop now. I assume that if it starts like:
      # phpMyAdmin SQL Dump
      # version 2.5.2-pl1
      # Host: localhost
      # Generation Time: Jan 15, 2006 at 09:39 AM
      # Server version: 4.0.16
      # PHP Version: 4.3.6
      # Database : `vbforum`
      CREATE DATABASE `vbforum`;
      USE vbforum;

      # --------------------------------------------------------

      # Table structure for table `access`

      CREATE TABLE `access` (
      `userid` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
      `forumid` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
      `accessmask` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
      PRIMARY KEY (`userid`,`forumid`)
      ) TYPE=InnoDB;
      That it is A-ok? Just want to make sure I used the right command...


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        that looks ok but be careful, even if phpmyadmin will say 50,000 kb (50 mb) upload limit on a .sql file, your inactivity timeout is usually 3 minutes, which means that from the time the file is uploaded to the time that all queries in your file are executed should not exceed 3 minutes or you'll get a time-out error in phpmyadmin.

        In that cased you might have to break the .sql file into tinier manageable pieces to upload it, but then again, be sure that the broken pieces are not cut up in the middle of a query or you'll get errors on uploads - (Vbulletin Forum Hosting) - (Our vBulletin forum Managed & hosted by MJWebhosting)


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          If both your old host and new host have cPanel, you can request that your new host does a server to server account transfer. You can also download an entire backup of your account and restore it via cPanel.


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            Additionally, if you can upload the dump of your current database, chances are the new host (at least a good one) should be happy to just import it for you via the command line if the DB is too big to be uploaded remotely.


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              Depending on how large the database is, phpMyAdmin would be your best best. If, however, your database exceed 5-10MB's in size, which a great deal do unless it is a new forum, then you really need to look to ask your host if they will make a dump for you before you cancel.

              If they can make a SQL dump, place it on your account, you can sign up with a new host that has SSH, use WGET and pull the file over via SSH.


              If they will not make a dump, then you will need to make a backup via vBulletin or phpMyAdmin, sign up for a new host, upload it and either dump it yourself or have them do the dump for you.


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                I am looking at a 9MB database, so it isn't too large. The new host is someone I know with some server space he's willing ot let me hijack. Kinda rules out any fancy schmancy myphpadmin stuff. I am going to try to get the DB on the new server either tonight (if I ever finish writing finals) or tomorrow. Thanks for all the help so far.


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                  You have a better chance of getting the 9MB database through phpMyAdmin, though you may still run into problems (possible). If so, upload it via FTP and dump it via SSH if he will allow you to have it.

                  Just really depends on how he has his server setup and if it has a CP or is a barebones server.


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                    Everything has been moved over, thanks for all the help everyone.


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