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I decided to go ASO....

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  • I decided to go ASO....

    After some extensive grueling reasearch, I have decided that I am going with A Small Orange as my host which will start off my VBulletin forum in a bit... Any last comments, opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, does it make a difference where I buy my domain at, I was just thinking of buying it from ASO since they are my host.

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    seems like there was a delay when trying to buy the share host...

    Due to delays in a recent server order from Sun, we've placed a hold on new shared hosting orders. We do not yet have an ETA for when orders will resume, but please keep an eye on our forums for announcements.

    is what it says when trying to purchase one of there share host plans. I am actually starting to decide I want to go with HostGator instead, what are your opinions and reviews on it. Seem like a real good host, the only problem I may see happening is that it seems like they are overselling but who knows?


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      any feedback?


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        comparing ASO and hostgator is a no no...
        Go for ASO mate its a really good host for vbulletin, great support and 100% uptime
        And Im not payed by ASO to post it.
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          I've still to hear bad things about ASO so I'd definitely stick with them. They're being honest with you on the delay, just give them the benefit of the doubt and wait it out
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            I hear things now and then that are bad about ASO but they are much more far apart in comparsion to other hosts/


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              Originally posted by Zachery
              I hear things now and then that are bad about ASO but they are much more far apart in comparsion to other hosts/
              Haven't heard them, but I doubt ASO can please everyone.
              Congratulations on the death of vBulletin, Internet Brands.


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                you can almost never please everyone all of the time, thats just the reality of business.... so a few threads here and there are ok....
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                  We moved to ASO, and they had a problem with the server they put us on that they were unable to fix. Apparently they ran out of hardware to move us to, so we ended up just cancelling our plan and are in the process of getting a refund under their guarantee.

                  I run both and, both of which are relatively good sized, busy forums. averages 50-100 members/guests online, Club3g upwards of 200.

                  We moved both sites to The servers have been fantastic and their techsupport is hands down the absolute best I have ever encountered.

                  My .2c, FWIW.


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                    Problem I've had with ASO is they don't have the hardware to sell. I tried getting a shared account, they didn't have any to sell. I tried getting a VPS, they didn't have any to share. I tried and they didn't have any VPS. Bleh, I'm with but only because I can't find someone I like.


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                      Limiting customer sign-ups isn't really a major issue and is actually better business practice honestly. Consider the fact that most small businesses do not have the ongoing revenue to buy hardware and let it sit there, so unless they have customers they know they will be placing on the hardware, it's better to limit growth, bring in a new server, prep it, then open sales back up.

                      Larger businesses can operate at a loss for 6 months to a year and not have to worry about too much, however, that could place a small business out of business quickly.

                      Not a shot at you, Shelby , just an explanation as to why both ASO and E2 limit such. Sitting hardware is as useless to a company as is a dedicated server to a shared hosting customer that recieves 10 unique hits per month to their website .


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                        I have had several hosts over the years.

                        ASO has been the best so far.

                        The reason I say that is simple. Their service. All hosts and servers have occasional problems. But I know ASO to be smart. They dont overbook their shared servers, they try to match sites on the right server. (so they dont have 5 busy vbulletin forums on a shared server for example)

                        They are going through some growing pains right now. They have recently hired a handful of new support techs who are still 'learning' a bit, and they have had trouble getting the hardware they need actually delivered.

                        IMO - they are one of the best hosts around for vBulletin forums.

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                          It is now again possible to sign up for shared accounts on ASO.


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                            i just checked out their shared plans..
                            $30/year for just 75MB???

                            even some free hosts offer more than that!


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                              Thats only like 3.00 a month.


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