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Dreamhost pissed at us

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  • Dreamhost pissed at us

    They say that my site uses more resource than I am allowed to.
    They recommend me to their dedicated server for 99$, if not
    they'll close my site down, WITHOUT REFUND.

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    If you have a busy site, it sounds like a reasonable request.
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      Find another host .
      Baby, I was born this way


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        I want refund before I change host.


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          When you signed up you had to agree to their policies. Do they say they give refunds?
          vBulletin v3.8.0's Implementation of Google Adsense Should Be Avoided At All Costs - Do Your Own Adsense Implementation


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            Try one of these - I use all three and they are great, AND vBulletin friendly.


            TalkNewsUK - My vBulletin 5.6.2 Demo
            AdminAmmo - My Cloud Demo


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              I wouldn't recommend just switching to another shared host. The fact may be that your site is too intensive and does require a dedicated server. Please provide further information regarding your site so people can recommend a real solution.


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                If your website URL is the one used as your username here, it is possible you were using too many resources for a shared hosting environment. Just by looking at your online stats, you max at 219 online at once, which is beyond the scope of shared hosting.

                If those were mainly guests/spiders, that may be different, though if those were actual users online, then you're probably looking for a dedicated server.


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                  Dreamhost is giving me the boot, too.

                  Glad to see another user in the same boat!


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                    i gotta feelin im next... im using dreamhost too... but i just love their bandwidth and space increase every week....BUT ... im gettin warned about the cpu minutes that are being high

                    Currently i have 17.8gigs for space and 282 bandwidth/month


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                      dreamhost isn't quiet a dream?

                      If they are offering you 20 gigs, how many people (assuming all of the resources were used by each person) could be fit onto a standard server? Even with HUGE EIDE drives of x2 you'd run at about 600gigs of storage, minus 1/2 for backups.
                      Down to 300 gigs. Now ontop of this we have the OS, which will consume another 2-5 gigs + logs (1-5gb?)
                      So lets say 10GB all together for overestimatings sake.

                      this leaves them with 290gb, which leaves them with 14 accounts (plus 1/2).

                      Which leaves gives you about 900~ dollars of income, this is of course without any processing fees.

                      Now, we also have to take bandwidth into account. Bandwidht, even at its cheapest runs 50-75cents a gig IIRC. x 264gb per account. This would end up costing 2772 dollars, for bandwidht alone. Now chances are not everyone is using up their allotment, but 4TB of bandwidth per server is alot. Even if they got the first 2TB with the original cost of the server, theres still 2 more TB. So the excess is left over above the 2TB will run 1272, assuming they pay for bulk overages.

                      Anyway, this doesn't include any support costs or maintence, and after all there are only 14 accounts on this server. This would leave them with -372 dollars in the hole per server. Which isn't a business. More than likely they have 50,100,200,500 people on this server. Which even at the lowest of 50 people, is still 3 grand a month. (I'm using the big package as an assment.)

                      Do the math, cheap hosting is RARELY good.


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                        i have to agree to that... but dam i cant just afford to pay 99 / month


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                          I didn't say pay 90 dollars a month.

                          How much bandwidth and storage are you using nwo?


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                            i currently used 6.8 gigs of space and 199.4gb bandwidth


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