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    Please just look past his remarks, they are sounding to rude to listen to anymore.

    My sites make good money off of advertising, but they still arent yahoo's, and I am sure that's are not either!
    We're Here Forums!


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      I guess he doesn't realize that if you are going to charge more than $30/CPM for advertising you better have more than 10m impressions a month. Any less than that and people are going to start laughing at you.

      Also, if you're going to be making your riches, I guess you should make the initial investment in Dart. It *is* the best software out there for ad management. Last time I looked it was only about $3000/year.


      • #33 much knowledge of rate cards! I have a rate card to show you too. It SAYS $20-$50 CPM for targeted ads. Do we get $50 CPM? Good heavens, NO! ( ) is the rate card. We get half the amount they charge for the ads...which generally is about $3 CPM. The best campaign we've seen so far has been $7 CPM..with us getting half that. Are we putzes for accepting that rate? I don't think so.

        Sure, you can call/email/solicit companies for your own advertising, but the fact of the matter is that those who have the kind of money it takes to support websites of the small to medium size (less than 1 million page views a month), aren't interested in advertising on these little sites...they employ the big dogs to resell their banners (at about $6 CPM...rate cards are ALL inflated...nobody gets that kind of money...nobody.) Like it or not, with less than MILLIONS of views a month, we smaller sites are the "little fish" in this ocean. To go after big advertising accounts (which we would need to give us the kind of steady income that the ad brokers give us)well, that would be akin to a single plankton trying to eat a whale. Personally, I don't have the time to dedicate to that sort of thing...smaller advertisers aren't necessarily around for the long haul and they're certainly going to want to see results for their money, so it's a full+ time job for just getting one advertiser to stick...let alone the SEVERAL of them it would take to earn the kind of money you're talking about.

        If you manage it, congratulations and pardon me for remaining skeptical.



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          *hugs kathy*

          Yep... another tally for a rude internet persona. :/ Well I don't have much to say except what I've heard from the fellow ladies has been correct.

          I don't have a site to prove it but I've worked with a friend who's gotten QUITE a bit of traffic and the most she could have turned out was about $30 a month. It's a small site but already most virtual hosts would have ran screaming from the bandwith usage.

          IT's just like another one of those get rich quick schemes.


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            Well, i know many who have, one is in the volkswagon industry and I forget his url but he solicited all the companies which were currently advertising through industry publications, he got huge cpm rates and repeat business. You see, there is a demographic which is golden, something which is specified and topicalized and localized... get 10 companies to advertise with you on a rotating basis and there you have the chumpless change of $3000/month.. I know this is how I will go because all the services you speak of, as you have said, pay half nothing.

            It was nice to get a response to one of my questions - where can I get dart and how is it better than doubleclick if you know? Thanks.

            <I never said you would get the big money from the resellers, all along I was saying to take advantage of your demographics and run your own advertisements, the advantages are numerous and it completely compliments all other efforts especially if you run a link exchange which you can funnel your own ads into.

            Thoughtfully yours.

            PS. why would it matter how many impressions you had when selling ad space?


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              *hugs everyone*

              Ya, *hugs kathy*, didn't you know it was amway I was tryin to sell all along! :-)

              <that was sarchasm, for those who weren't quite sure>


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                Thanks all...

                Back to the original topic which Susan posted regarding ded servers...(and we were interrupted..)

                If you have any more thoughts regarding ded servers, I would like to hear them. Experience shared is worth hearing.... (theories and sarcasism by the wayside ;-) Bandwidth is zinging daily and the webhost keeps gritting his teeth. :-)

                BTW, I'd like ideas on the difference in some ded server hosts that "sell" the hardware to you in setup fees...and then charge a bit less each month....comparing to the "leased" hardware at a bit of of higher price.

                Is there any advantage to owning the hardware/server?

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                  speaking of such

                  Gosh, why didn't I think of this sooner, I even talked to my brother about it today. He started a community website <very nicely focused demographics> and the local economic development association is paying him $80/cpm for a total of over $3000... a perfect example.. now he can expand that and start to get local businesses to advertise there instead of the newspaper and tv or maybe also.. It's not hard to sell $3000 worth of ads and at $80/cpm, 100,000 = $8000.. Then he can also sell to people elsewhere who want to reach this demographic.. And the beauty is the immence amount of demographic fields.. beekeeping teenagers is a great demograhic, PHP programmers is a great demographic, farmers, geographical locations, people who like peekachoo. What I am saying is that you all likely have nicely focused websites and even if you don't, you can pull some demographic out of it, then use that potential goldmine rather than sticking some chump change gathering code on your pages which just ain't worth it!


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                    for someone so knowledgable in internet advertising I would have thought you knew that Dart is the system that DblClick uses and that they lease is, not sell it. Of course I haven't looked into them in over a year for the software, The price may be higher now.

                    You make a good point about demographics, but the simple fact is, keeping the customers is where the trick is, not getting them. Most of us here are 1 or 2 people operations who don't have time to continue development of our sites, start development on others, do the contract design work we do AND spend full time selling advertising. If you can do it, more power to you.


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                      'Nuff said.


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                        For Tireless Rebutter there is no such thing as a trivial dispute. He regards all challenges as if the barbarians were battering at the gates. His unflagging tenacity in making his points numbs and eventually wears down the opposition. Confident that his arguments are sound, Tireless Rebutter can't understand why he is universally loathed.


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                          Re: Looking at for dedicated hosting

                          Well Chris it should be fine... i have been with rackspace for 1 month now and have a 500mhz, 128MB ram 10gb 8 ips and 50gb/month red hat linux server using webmin to admin it.... runs fine on the domains i have on the server so far

                          my vbulletin at has been running for 13 days at 5,500 - 9,500 pageviews/day with no problems

                          added to that

                ,, and 3 other sites are on the server totalling another 2,500 - 4,000 pageviews/day in their dead states...

                          i have another 7 - 10 sites to be added as well

                          I got an email from rackspace and today they are upgrading their network and stuff even further.....

                          I have no complaints......... they really care... i am in Australia and when i had some questions and stuff, they rang me long distance to clear them up

                          Originally posted by Chris Schreiber
                          Well I've been looking for dedicated hosting for a while, not because I've outgrown virtual hosting (yet...) but more so just for extra performance and root control over the server.

                          I looked at and called a few reference accounts, who all had good things to say about them. I was just wondering if anyone has ever had any problems with them before I made my final decision to go ahead with them.

                          I also looking for some advice on server configuration and your experiences. The config I was looking at is:
                          500 Mhz
                          256 MB RAM
                          10 GB EIDE
                          RedHat 6.2
                          10 GB Bandwidth
                          16 IPs
                          for about $325/month

                          I will be adding 3 site immediately to the server, one being a vBulletin fourm. I am at around 100,000 page views per month. Will this configuration handle that load well, and how much further could I go before I need to add more processor/RAM to the system.

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                            also rackspace ain't associated with interland..... i have a virtual account with interland as well and rackspace service level is much much better........

                            also if you are looking for advice on ad revenues to cover hosting costs you should check out the forum i frequent daily at

                            my name over there is 'singloon'
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                              tireless rebutter

                              Hey, that tireless rebutter thing is a very good description of me!


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                                Tireless rebutters

                                If only you knew it is the tireless rebutters of this world who make it turn. We give meaning to the input of others and give meaning to the response we give. Then there's the thoughtless masses who don't care a bit what goes in and out of them, conformist swine who think confrontation is sub-human. Someone said they laughed at my stupidity and told me I had no idea of what I was doing, I took that to heart and formed a reasonable response to prove that my ideas are not laughable nor am I ignorant. If anyone here does not understand my motive and the validity of my action then I am glad I stand in the ranks of tireless rebutters and not yours.

                                Other, famous, tireless rebutters. Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, Leaders of "Solidarity", Martin Luther King, Steven Spielburg, many more including all those who give worth to their existance and interaction with humanity.


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