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    Looking for a web host that has good reseller plans, that can handle a VB site running 100-200 concurrent users...

    Any advice out there? I need to get to a more reliable webhost... Looking for long term solution (not another small no name company)

    Thanks -

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    100-200 users online is at a level of a dedicated server, or at the very least a vps type solution. You've outgrown any shared enviorment, including a typical reseller account.


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      Does it matter that the 100 users are 10-20 registered, and the rest are visitors with viewing rights only...

      Also what is vps?


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        They are still visitors so still browsing take a look at for vps. . . What is the timeout on the cookie for vbulletin


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 dont open since 01.2005


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            If you're looking for a decent VPS solution, try either or Both offer decent sized VPS solutions that would probably be right up your alley.

            VPS will allow you to expand beyond average shared & reseller hosting, but keep you at a level where you do not have the manage the server yourself.


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              Like Zach said, you'll be looking for a VPS or a dedicated for that many users. Shared web hosts will balk at the resources used for that many users, and users will complain as the site loads tooooo slowly.

              If you can't afford a dedicated, VPS is the next best option (you'll have the dedicated memory/CPU power -- and upkeep) but at the fraction of the dedicated costs.

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                I've got a board about that size. has served me excellently but don't consider the power-plan 1, it won't cope - I learned that the hard way.

                You should be more than fine on the top one though and you should be good on the second plan.


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