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what does IP address do in dedicated server?

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  • what does IP address do in dedicated server?

    I am a beginner in dedicated server.....
    some dedicated servers offers 16 IPs while some offer 2,
    what does that IP do?

    If a dedicated server only have two IPs, then does it mean I can only put two domains on the server?


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    You have it correct. So if it comes with 16 IP's, then you can have 16 domains on that server.
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      Not true. With Apache and most other web servers available today you can fit hundreds of domains on a single IP on the same server.

      I have a Roxen "basic" hosting service, which has 450 web domains on a single box, with a single IP address. It also hosts mail for all of those domains. And, it is the primary or secondary for 95% of them too.

      My Apache servers only have about 30 domains on a single IP so far, but that will continue to grow as the demand for PHP/MySQL rises.


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        The downside of sharing IP addresses...

        According to *most* search engine experts, you should have a unique IP address for each domain that you plan on promoting to search engines (if you want any chance of getting high rankings.) I am not an expert and cannot argue this point, but I do read the major SE boards and this is supported by a large majority of SE experts. Just thought I'd mention it...


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          I believe I have read other downfalls to that as well, but I appreciate your clearing that up Shaman.
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            No problem. And, I should hasten to add that you won't be able to get more than 16 IP addresses unless you're "God" these days, because ARIN is so stingy with their IP addresses that I, as an ISP, am told that my network has too many IP addresses used (about 40) because I've had the temerity to put an Internet IP address on every workstation.

            Lest you scoff, they DENIED me the IP space that I need for new customers, and I'm in an ongoing raging telephone war with them and AT&T about it. This and as I said I am running 450 web sites on a single IP (and pointed that out), and no more than 16 IPs for any online customer - we require the use of NAT.

            They're adamant, BTW.

            Until IPv6, I don't agree with the IP per domain philosophy *at all*. And I pre-empted ARIN, those bastards.


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              thanks for your replies

              I am considering Digital Nation and Dialtoneinternet 's dediated server services. Does anyone here hosted by them b4? which one is better?


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                This forum is on Digital Nation, and I have an account with them as well (but my forums are not on them).

                I believe if you use the search here you will find many discussion about them.
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                  search engines and IP's

                  How does having your own IP effect search engine results? I have looked into dedicated hosting and will be able to get as many IP's as I want, the cheapest I have found with one company was about $.30/month/each and other companies charged up to $2.00/month/each - hence I found it an important factor in choosing a host if you intend to have many sites on your server, as I do. Thanks for all and any help!


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                    Having a dedicated IP does not affect search engines. That's just plain not true.


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                      I have a dedicated server with and I think their excellent. Their prices are very competitive and they offer unlimited IP's with their Linux servers, and 50gb of bandwidth with each package ($3/gb extra).

                      I have heard great things about digitalnation, tera-byte, rackspace, and others I can't remember right now.

                      Unique IP's per domain is really only a preference thing. It's much easier to manage a dedicated server if you don't have 100-300 ip's to keep track of, but if your clients want one than you have to be able to provide that to them.

                      The only real benefit of having a unique IP per domain is in case you have a DNS disaster, and you want to be able to access your site using the IP. IP-less hosting would not allow you to access your site without specifying the domain, hence it would be inaccessible if the domain name could not be resolved.

                      There is a stigma about IP-less hosting being inferior, but that simply is not true.

                      I use IP based only because I have unlimited IP's and most of my clients request it.

                      Hope this helps.


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                        I must have my own IP with my current vitrtual host then since I could access it by ip before the domain was up, Thanks guys.


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                          Firewall and IP's

                          There is another thing to consider with regards to one VS multiple ip's. If you want to implement a firewall using ip packet filters like IPCHAINS and have just one ip, then it would be very easy to implement a ruleset for this. If you have multiple ip's on different subnets, an ipchains ruleset becomes almost impossible. In this case you would have to purchase a block of ip's on the same subnet which can become expensive.
                          I personaly don't care how search engine algorithms work since my clients did not come from any search engine but through personal contact. BUT, I do care how secure my server is and topics related to administration of my server.

                          Just a thought.


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                            ip there for I am.

                            I say if a customer doesn't need an IP then don't give them one, especially if you have to pay $1.50/month for it. Where are some of these Search Engine servers you were mentioning?


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