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MySQL crashed @! What should I do?

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  • MySQL crashed @! What should I do?

    I received this message from there tech-support
    Looking at the notes on your account, it says you were suspended because your account was using too much of the servers resources. It specifically noted your message board which often has 40 concurrent users.

    It wasnt shut down because of bandwidth usage, it was because of mysql usage... your site was using more than the rest of the server combined.
    I currently have a plan that lets me have:
    15gig bandwidth
    300mb of space
    It's the corp. plan @ this website

    What should I do? Find another host? Will I be expected to pay much more so it will handle all the users on my vB? Any suggestions are apreciated!! thank you much

    My vB Forum @

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    have you tried turning off persistent connections?

    I would definitely move to a different hosting company...


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      I currently have a plan that lets me have:
      15gig bandwidth
      300mb of space
      wow, and they suspended your account??
      damn, how many members do you have??
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        Yes, disable the persistent connections to MySQL (config.php -> $usepconnect = 0; ) that might help.

        If you are looking for another provider check out Tera-Byte
        Contentteller Community Forums


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          The site he was running would often have 40+ concurrent users at a time, which is definatly approaching dedicated server level very quickly.



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            Brendan, is that something you tell your new subscribers? I couldn't find anything about a concurrent users limit on your web site. Or do you set 40 as an arbitrary number and surprise customers by shutting them down when they reach that limit? Why not a warning first? or am I reading wrong and you actually did give warning? Give the customer a day or two to do something about the problem. I can't believe you actually shut someone down without warning when they reach some limit that they knew nothing about. You guys are more professional than that. Anyway, here's a recent thread discussing this very topic at HR.
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              If you read around about hosting before signing up, you will find that most virtual hosts limit you to 20 to 30 concurrent users. It is an industry standard. You get what you pay for. Hosts can't really afford to let you use more resources than that, because you would be monopolizing the server and that's not fair to their other customers. If you need more connections, you need to look at semi-dedicated, dedicated or co-located servers.

              If you are hitting that many MySQL connections, it's not like other problems where you can correct it (e.g. you are over your alloted space or bandwidth), it's something that usually has to be taken care of immediately or it jepordizes the server for the rest of the customers using it. Also suspending != kicking off, which you are making it sound like. Suspending an account allows the server to return to normal while the host talks to the user about it.

              40 is hardly an arbitrary number. It's on the very high end of shared-server MySQL usage. If you are going to run something like that, you are expected to do your homework on the subject.


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                I agree there should be a limitation, but the limitation should be stated upfront. I'd figure that the average user has no idea to even ask a question about concurrent users since there was no mention of it on the provider's web site nor in the customer's contract.


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                  It is stated in the contract/TOS/AUP whatever you want to call it. There are clauses in every agreement that allow them to shut you down for excessive use of server resources. I can't for the life of me find the TOS on HR's site but I'm willing to bet money it has a clause similar to that.


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                    Well, if you are gonna have 40+ concurrent users, you shouldnt even consider shared hosting.

                    I think Brendan did the correct thing by closing your site down.

                    Servers are filled to a responsible capacity as determined by our server admins, and then carefully monitored and maintained at a safe level to ensure a positive hosting environement for all of our customers


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                      guys, stop with the dedicated talks

                      i honestly think this is BS that a person has to get a dedicated for 40 concurrent users or whatever.

                      My site:

                      is NOT on a dedicated server, our message board alone has a record of 129 simultanous users, usually its around 60-70 [less of weekends]

                      and , my host has no problem with my site taking "too much resources" or whatever you guys call it.

                      40 concurrent doesnt ring a bell to get a dedicated for me
                      you just have to find an honest host.
                      hosts will try to tell you to move to a dedicated when your site begins to grow so they will get more money, thats all.


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                        oh btw,
                        couple of days ago HM contacted me by ICQ :

                        I also wanted to talk to you about a new server that we have. And what we would like to do is move you to the new server. The reason for this is that the server is faster. It's a PIII 800. And we are going to have a better control panel on it that will allow you to set up subdomains yourself, FTP accounts, extra databases, etc.

                        They're going to move my account to a brand new server they just got which is even better than the one they have me on right now at no charge to "maintain a safe level to ensure a positive hosting environement for all of our customers" as Hostrocket puts it.

                        See, here's an honest host, HM doesnt kick people out, they are supposed to host you, and that is what they do.


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                          Wow auto!

                          My hosts deletes my entire web site while making a DNS change and doesn't even bother to apologize.

                          I'm jealous.
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                            Really, Stephanie and Annette are doing such a great job at HM its amazing


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                              Thanks for all the good hosting suggestions guys. Unfortunately for me I bought six months with HR. I intend to move my site. But so the six months I've paid for doesn't go completely to waste I've used it for a Hostracket Survivor support group.

                              at: HostRocket Hell

                              I'm collecting survivor stories to fill it with for the next six months.



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