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  • ipowerweb the worst ever

    If you must choose between ipowerweb and closing your site,
    close your site

    but really let me tell you my story.
    Last year after about 10 months of decent service i try to enter my site only to recive an error. Strange i think to myself and send an email to their technical support (sometimes the db would go down for a couple of minutes). Appearntly this was not a technical error, it seems as though they decided that my vb had done too many sql querries so they decided to block my access.
    When i tried to explain to them that this is a rather well known script (which i did not hack , only used vb CMPS hack) and that they did not mention any limit to the usage of the db they baisicly told me tough luck.

    I of course thought that it was not VERY nice of them and decided to move on.
    A year passed by and everything went fine except that now i recived an email from their billing department telling me that they are gonna renew my plan again.

    while trying to figure out why in the name of good god would they do such a thing i decided to drop down to this forum and give you a heads up...

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    That sucks. You should try PowWeb


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      DANG! that is just.... ugh... disguisting! Thanks for the heads up dude! MacBook Pro 15.4" Core2Duo 2.33GHz.


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        ipowerweb hosting uses vDeck which is like a chopped up PoS version of cPanel written by a gimp.


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          i agree powweb is pretty good.. i have a site with them and globat.
          globat used to be pretty bad but they are improving as a host and are actually pretty good now. My main site is on globat


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            Originally posted by feldon23
            ipowerweb hosting uses vDeck which is like a chopped up PoS version of cPanel written by a gimp.
            lmao! yes you should try totalchoicehosting they are good and you get cpanel!


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              hehe, I had Ipowerweb for two years and finally moved. They are AWFUL.


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                Originally posted by huskysgrl
                hehe, I had Ipowerweb for two years and finally moved. They are AWFUL.
                that host is just nasty. I have said this before


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                  my recommendations to anyone wanting webhosting
                  1) go to or (wherever your country is at)

                  2) type in [host name] webhostingtalk

                  3) read the reviews!

                  example if i wanted to find hosting on ukhost4u all i do is this


                  and will get the threads from (brilliant site)

                  best way to find good hosting also after reading all of it email the host and ask them a real stupid question which you already know the answer like

                  does the free account use ads ? (say it does for example)

                  then see how fast they reply and how prompt they are


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                    I have given up with english hosting, had too many problems, im now hosted in the USA by realwebhost. I have no problems with this host, the owner Joey is a great guy and is always helpful (99.9% of the time eh). have a look if your after a good VB host . I am running theforumhaven on this host no problems go go!


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                      you want a host that doesn't care what forum you run and gives you enough database space, then go with I use them and they are great to me, support questions answered within just a few minutes of posting. I now work for them which shows you how good they are, I don't work for just anyone, I liked them sooo much and was impressed that I asked if they had an positions and they had one open in their sales so now I'm in sales but they are very good I suggest giving them a look over.


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