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    Greetings vBulletin'ers

    I have a real bad problem you may be able to help me with.

    Quick synopsis of my problem:
    I created a forum for youth cadets in military organizations called, then later entered into a 50/50 admin partnership with a fellow adult volunteer. This Navy cadet program we are both part of as volunteers is run by real military members as adult leaders.
    He (my fellow admin) later was reprimanded for flaming an active duty Navy officer and we were both told to 1) censor the forum and hand it over to us totally - we will totally censor it and we can only have admins we appoint or 2) they would sue him and us. This was too much drama for me.
    Needless to say this sux0red and this individual (frcabot):
    a) changed my admin password and deleted the majority of my posts, and banned me by IP address (we had equal access) b) it was a PhpBB board and c) he flipped out when he realized I had PAID for everything forum-related; additional bandwidth package; AND the domain name and domain forwarding. It's all mine on paper. Look on WhoIs
    He has since retained the PhpBB board on his hosting and created
    So I decided to just create my own, hosted somewhere else.
    It will be called ABOUT FACE -

    Cutting to the chase, my 4 Questions are this:

    1) I DO NOT have a domain yet for; I have a prior account through; should I buy
    Or are there vBulletin packages that offer domain names, the forum itself and rented server space/bandwidth?

    2) In vBulletin setups, how much control, exactly, can be given/withheld from Moderators (there will be 2 admins and the rest mods - perhaps 5 or 6.)

    3) Is there control over graphics and what skins, are available. This site, and and and (all sites I have been going to for years...) have the same skin. Is vBulletin skinable or no?

    4) What package/bandwith/forum setup or whatnot is needed for the following basic needs:
    • anywhere from 50-800 registered users
    • about 100-250 will be active (like every day/every other day posts/modding)
    • linked on numerous other youth military sites
    • the ability to customize the graphics to a military theme
    Thank you guys so much for even reading this.
    I am a former member of a youth military organization; I turned 18 - I'm 19 now, and returned as an adult volunteer to help out till I leave for boot camp in Nov. Whenever I have time after work and school or everything else I do. But I believe the deserve an uncensored forum to just say whatever they want where partners volunteering don't leave each other out in the cold because they got leaned on/spanked.
    Thanks in advance; help would be greatly appreciated I would like to get the whole thing off the ground by July 4th.

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    Hi there,

    Thank you for your interest in the vBulletin forum software and for asking pre-sales/hosting questions. Hopefully we can assist you.

    Suggestion: Do not make your domain name public prior to purchase, there are enough people out there who want to buy it before you do and then ask you money to buy it back from them; at a much higher cost.

    That said, in order to run vBulletin you must have a hosting account. We do not offer this, and depending on how much traffic (monthly traffic and amount of online users) you're expecting you can narrow down your search for one. From shared hosting solutions to dedicated solutions.

    1. You should purchase the domain name yes.

    2. You can set up how many admins, super mods and moderators there are on your own forum, you can even control their permissions per forum (for moderators) and you can set up which permissions the admins have (for the control panel). I invite you to try it out on our live 24 hour lasting free admin demo:

    3. Yes, you can change nearly everything in vBulletin, language, text, links, images, buttons, icons, skins, colors, css, html, etc. We offer unofficial free alternative language packs and style packs.

    4. Sounds like a shared hosting solution might do the trick.

    If you have more questions, feel free to ask. We're looking forward to your purchase.

    All the best,


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      I have purchased the domain name. Who do I contact to purchase the vBulletin board itself and how much am I looking?
      I just paid for the domain, and it's still not up


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        You purchase a license online here:
        Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
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          A domain name has to be added to a name server .. a hosting provider will provide you with the name server details when you take an account with them and inform them you have that domain name.

          The costs for vBulletin are $160 for a owned license (Allows you to run the license for unlimited months) or $85 for a leased license (Allows you to run the license for 12 months).


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            A domain can take up to 72 hours to correctly get it up and working.


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