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  • Free host?

    is there any free host?
    not, coz 5 megs database-space is not enough, not, coz the site is down???
    any other free host?

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      or go to
      and search for free hosts. Many are listed there, with reviews etc. by users.
      Good Luck
      [email protected]


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        Originally posted by ff92k
        are you an idiot?
        even I know that it's only redirecting!

        all the others who replied, thx...
        but i can use more (good) replies of course...


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          Try this one, it has 15mb space, mySQL, php, cgi and they are an established site.


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   is a reseller... You're limited to 500mb of bandwidth a month....

            there aren't very many PHP/mySQL hosts out there anymore.. they've gone down the tubes because they wanted to please their users too much and offered too much features and didn't put banners on the pages.... It all costs money...

            F2S stinks.... your database is limited to 5mb...

            Datablocks is slow at sending out site verification... I've signed up before... and didn't get anything from them...

            Netcabins offered PHP and mySQL - they had a total hard drive crash and didn't do regular disk backups and lost everything... They're working on a automated service right now, and are hosted at the same datacenter as Datablocks, and use the same type of signup form -- you'll get emails from companies you don't want to, and there's no way around it. I'm not sure what exactly their new system is going to be like...

            But check out FreeWebSpace though... They're usually on top of everything there... anything new there... they'll know... BTW, I'm a Moderator there...

            Have fun searching...



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              Well i can put in a good word for Isamillionaire as i did use it before i bought a proper domain. You won't get any spam from the company.

              It is a reliable service and has reasonably good uptime even though it is on Portland and i can vouch that Portland isn't brilliant. A month or two a go they probably couldn't keep their own homepage online to save their life. However it is on the up.
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                Originally posted by Mega
                takes some time before you account is made (took about a 5 days for me)
                It took me 2-5 min!



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         is dead
                  You're my Prince of Peace
                  And I will live my life for You


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                    Is there a free host out there that supports domain hosting, provides 35+megs with CGI support and alot of traffic?
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                      Originally posted by rickjansen105

                      It took me 2-5 min!

                      me too but that is an account not web hosting account
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                        takes ~1 day to fully set up your account (server refreshing i guess)
                        anyway, bulletin boards are against the rules now...
                        and if you sign up now, you will not get a account immediatly...
                        the webmaster first has to confirm that you'll use the space for something legal and good...


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                          evolt say this

                          Would this be a good place for my MP3 collection?
                          No. If you're looking for space for mp3's, bulliten boards, chatrooms, pictures of Mandy Moore, or Star Trek episodes, there are plenty of other services available for you.


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                            evolt want to close our account

                            only after 2 weeks

                            ne1 got a free php hosting ?? and also quick ?!?!?!?



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                              STAR TREK EPS?

                              IM DYING FOR THOSE!!!

                              BEEN LOOKING FOREVER!!!

                              plz plz plz plz plz tell me where u can get those!


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