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vB recommended hosts?

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  • vB recommended hosts?

    Can anyone with vB recommend or rate any or all in this list?
    Our site is down b/c we made a mistake with picking a host and don't want to make the same mistake again.

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    We make no offical recomendations one way or another


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      i would suggest emailing each and everyone and talkign to them a bit first, explaining what you'd expect from them so you know what they can do for you.


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        Thanks Zachery Smart move.

        sabret00the, I was hoping for a easy direction and maybe cut out the sucky ones.


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          Go to each of their forums / help desks and see what their response times are like and how friendly they are and see if you like the their general attitude.

          Also pay attention to to speed of the site


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            asmallorange has been getting good reviews...

            Have a look here for more detailed info on web hosts:



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              I moved to ASO just over a year ago and I find them to be top class. There service is spot on. There is also a new rate your web host system over on vbwebmaster that shows how admins and vB site owners rate their current webhosts.

              I'm sure you'll find something useful there. Good luck...


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                I suggest - The best host I have ever dealt with.


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                  I have had personal experience with three of the hosts you have listed.


                  For a 'general' hosting setup, one that would suit most sites, by all means go with ASO. They have an excellent support staff and community forums where all your hosting questions can be answered. I resell through them and have a few sites hosted there.

                  For a more 'vB specific' setup, go with Geeky Designs. A bit more expensive, but the server environment is tweaked to vB requirements (as far as I know, site flies on it) and the support staff can assist you with any problems you might have with your vBulletin.

                  My experiences with PerfectSQL do not lend themselves to a good review. I can not reccomend this company.

                  My advice is to find out if they have a money back free month or trial period where you can upload your site and see how well it performs.
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                    We are looking for:

                    A managed, dedicated server with a host that owns a data center with multiple connections to the internet.

                    A host with regional datacenters will get first choice.

                    The plan should offer an upgrade path for the server and a backup program.

                    The host should have domain registration services.
                    Shell access through ssh.


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                      Sounds like you are looking for a purely dedicated and managed server, and those are not incredibly cheap.

                      If you need and want a fully managed server solution you should try the Focus serries from Theplanet


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                        Yup not cheap but we only want to move twice.

                        One move to a dedicated server and the second to our own server. The second one will be a while, if our forums work the way we want them to.


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                          The Corporate Solution on that page would be a good start...


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                            Not a very comprehensive list... but a good start, though I have not ever heard of a few of them.
                            I see one or two I would stay away from, based on personal experience. However, as a competitior, I will refrain from making those points.

                            Originally posted by Daddy20
                            Can anyone with vB recommend or rate any or all in this list?
                            Our site is down b/c we made a mistake with picking a host and don't want to make the same mistake again.


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                              The list was pulled from here


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