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F5 hosting - generally good, but .....

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  • F5 hosting - generally good, but .....

    I've been running a VB forum on an F5 site for a year - based on a hosting recommendation on this very board.

    I generally like F5, but their email handling is too restrictive - due to security (virus) concerns, rich media emails are basically stripped down to plain text. I get lots of email formatted like a web page - from Dell, Motley Fool and many other legitimate sources.

    If I can't resolve this issue with F5 - does anybody have a recommendation for a service like them, but with email that works?

    Alternatively, has anybody had better success with F5 email than I have?

    Askold Wawryszyn

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    Been with F5 for years. Never depended on email so I can't vouch for them regarding rich media emails. Michael's a pretty good guy and I am sure he will work with you if possible though I don't expect F5 to put servers at risk.


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      I know Joey over at vBWebmaster is trying to compile a vB Host rating system. You miught like to comment on F5 in there too... very useful resource.

      I have used ASO for well over a year now after migrating from oneandone (who were not very good) and am very happy with them.


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        i have used with nike vb and about everything else and never had any problems (that i didnt cause anyway) and email is all user settable.
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