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Are there any free host?

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  • Are there any free host?

    Are there any free host that susport PHP4, and MySQL?
    I don't know if does or not?

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    Although they suck. Free server, PHP, Mysql, cgi, etc.

    Tested it a while back and downtime was incredible. But hey...they could be better now.


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      forget f2s
      sendmail doesnt work
      You're my Prince of Peace
      And I will live my life for You


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        They are moving to new faster servers soon and giving away more bandwidth.


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          Take this bit of advice !. .... dont go anywhere near them.

          Am the webmaster of the biggest Autosport club, in the UK.
          Peugeot GTi.

          We got a deal with them beacause they seems a reasonable hosting company, and our club was getting over 700 hits a day.

          With in 1 DAY. i'd install Ultrabaord, which we'd just forked out $40 for. Then over night we'd had 32 registrations and about 30 posts.

          I got a e-mail off DONHOST. They are the reseller company who sold HOSTTODAY there package. Stating that they cant handle the stress the bb is puttin on the server.... .after one bloody day like !. And if we didn't close it down, they would delete it. What are those guys running for a server ?? ... a 286, with a 14.4 modem.?

          So we are looking for other alteratives....

          I know it's not HOSTTODAT's fault, there only telling me what DONHOST is giving out..... but please stay away from both, if your planning on running a bb.

          Donhost customer service stinks, they didn't even appologise ...

          They haven't heard the last of this,,.... there must be summit we can, and we'll find it ... and bring DONHOST to there knees.

          Thats my oppion, but bet ya bottom dollar, you sign up with any of them, you goin to get kick down like us.


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            Nice to hear some incouragement about our company. When we go dedicated we will not have this problem. The message board you were running was creating pages on the fly (dynamic cgi - Large CPU, less space stc) Why bring me in to this, I would under stand you slaging my company off if you were a paying customer but we went out of our way to help you and this is the thanx we get.

            Well i am gob smacked, and would like to say *thank you very much*

            Adam Clarke



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              One more thing,

              I would like to say this:

              Defending Donhost

              1. If some on was affecting your web sites performance (speed etc) then you would want something done about it.

              2. I cannot stop donhost shutting you down, you know i rang them and try to sort it out but in the end its up to them.


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                We was referd to you by someone. I wasn't slagging your company. Like i said, it's not Hosttoday fault. It's donhost. There the one's who should be supporting us.
                It's just a shame your a reseller for them.

                Hostoday, is the cheapest place on the net to get the best hosting package availble, for persons who dont have a bb.

                There customer service is excellent..... and they try to please you in everyway. yes they was kind enought to give us a free hosting package, but you have gained summit too. We have many hosting comanys wanting to bite our hand off. But there packages dont mean up to are requirements. Yours did.... to a point.

                And when you do go dedicated ... we'll you'll be untouchable!.

                If i made out to be slaggin HOSTTODAY OFF .... well am sorry, it's DONHOST who need shooting.


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                  I'm a user of a HostToday account, complete with vB installed, and I have had no problems.

                  OK, my board isn't as busy as yours (yet) but i can highly recommend them. Loadsa features and space for a little amount of money


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                    f2s is not a faster oO
                    Last edited by Dark Zero; Sun 6 May '01, 1:52pm.


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                      Datablocks Sucks

                      I dont like datablocks that much, Iam using it right now, its down a lot, also for some strange, once in a while they take your page offline and put ads.


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                        Bizland is a good Service.

                        Bizland is a good and reasonable close to free service. No PHP or MySQL. Fast Servers.
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