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  • - Are they for REAL ?

    My Gosh !! There shared hosting plans are unbelievable... Is anybody hosting his/her site with them ?? How would you rate as a reliable shared hosting service ?

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    I've been using dreamhost for a while now and even used then for a year back in 98. Over all I give them a B+, not an A due to the MYSQL database at times gets so overloaded that it simply stops working. I will be switching over to a dedicated server at "" in a few months.


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      Well I got 3 backup accounts over there picked them up for 1 year at under $10
      for an account not bad


      I would find a host with a better control panel, theirs does have some nice
      features but it just does not do what cPanel does


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        I started with Dream Host several years ago and have always had good service. I got hit with 7 million hits one day and wiped out my bandwidth totally.. actually cost me a cpl hundred bucks !

        But to answer your question, yes, their shared hosting plan limits keep going up and up and up.

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          I hosted my VB on their servers for 3 months ago and gave up already after 1 week. Their SQL servers "die" almost everyday at evening.
          DO NOT host VB on Dreamhost servers unless its a dedicated server.


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            I guess I should have clarified, I run several sites off Dream Host, but not vB.

            For some, marriage is a match made in Heaven. For others, it's a butane lighter from Hell :eek:


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              They took a week to reply once to me, again I don't think they are a suitable host for vB


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                I have had an extremely negative experience with DreamHost.

                They are the only host I have used that does not use Localhost and, whether or not this is related, the board was very slow.

                Dreamhost is cheap but like most cheap hosts they have a huge load of problems. I would suggest: they have some excellent options and while they are pricey their customer service is A+
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                  I use DreamHost...experience not too bad. Servers a bit slow, and thus the forums are a bit slow, but I don't have too many members on my forum (<500), and no one has complained yet so it's good for a small vB site, not not a big one. Once my site hits 1000+, we'll move.
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                    i have no problem being hosted by them.. i just like the way they increase your bandwidth and space everyweek


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                      I have just signed up with on a monthly basis to try out and I immediately got hit by the DB problems in the first 48 hours. I thought this is just a glitch but reading this thread definitely helps me making my decision.
                      Yes I was really impressed with their up/down load speed and when the load is low on the server, everything was really really fast but when the load is high (normally occur about 1 every 5 times I tested the site, and I am the only one testing my vB on my site).
                      I have used in the past 3 years for many of my sites but one of my vB site recently creep up to more than 100mb DB size and I ran into all sort of problems. Had to manually delete many large attachement from DB to bring it backup so I can do a DB backup. Other than the DB size, my site virtually ran with almost no downtime and no hicup in the past 2 years!!! (I have a bout 500 registered users).
                      I would say NO to if you're planning to use VB on a shared host there. Yes, customer services is definitely a problem (my email took an average of 24 hours response time).
                      Beside HostGo, does anyone have any recommendation for a reliable shared host ($20 or less per month) with no hard limit in MySQL DB size? Many thanks for your help.



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                        Dreamhost is good for streaming items or downloading items as these don't depend much on CPU, vB boards generally they will contact you and inform you that you are using so power and ask if it is not reduced they will move you on to a system where they are able to monitor your site further.

                        If you have not done so login to your control panel choose users from the users menu and enable CPU reporting, after a few days you will be able to check your CPU and Memory usage from your


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                          I hated them when I hosted there...and have you ever cancelled AOL dialup and its like a 10,000 step process? thats what getting off their hosting was like. And waiting 24 hours for support sucked. I only signed up cause all the people at work hosted there, and being an impressionable intern I just jumped ont he far as I know, none of us host their anymore. They just didnt have good support, had to wait an hour for a database to be setup, and the downtime was horrible for me...

                          Im just not a fan, and I wont go back...
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