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  • Making money from websites

    Hi ya

    I was wondering what is the best way to make money from a website?
    I am beginning to run up bills, and would like to make my site earn some money so I can offer more services like competitions.

    Any ideas?


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    Ads are the easiest way to make some bucks, but they can get annoying/ugly and then your site is officially "commercial".

    Some people I know have made a lot of money being associates of or of one of the other big e-commerce companies. They have their own mini-stores. That's definitely the exception though and most people don't make that much off that.


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      so what ad companies would you suggest?
      I don't want loads of banners, just one. Maybe one of those add banner thingies that rotate from site to site.



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        Making Money - Who Needs It?

        You can find zillions of sponsor programs at the following URL's. You should be able to find several programs that target your market:


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          hi wildwayz (fellow webmin user )
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            Thanks all

            I don't use Webmin anymore - I ditched the webhost who gave me a free dedicated server, as I believe they were dodgy - ie twice $300 was taken from my credit cards and it linked back to them



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              Hello, WildWayz...

              You could also take a look at the Get High Traffic Foruns.
              Lots of "pro" advice there...


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                Honestly, building up a base of dedicated readers helps defray costs.

                I run a fishing site at I've been accepting donations for a couple of years now, but I switched to VB about five months ago (and am now officially a fanboy ).

                I used VB to create a "Supporter" title that has extra privileges that non-supporters don't, namely the ability to upload photos and create polls. If anyone gives at least 10 bucks a year via PayPal, their account is upgraded. It goes a long way toward covering costs.


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                  this days is hard to make money for your site, i run a ranking site (polish) (english) we have over 5000 visitors sesssions a day, 148,698 a month, Hits a month 18,224,487 per day 628,430, and this is our daily traffic 7.87 GB and i cant find no one to sponsor us, we get some add for club parties maybe 2 a month, but that pays only for the server. we havent made that much money, we found a good price on the server that keeps i page going if he had to pay $500 or more a month the page would be dead long time ago.


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                    I recently brokered a deal with a company to sponsor my site. The thing is that I have a site that has a narrow area of interest and the sponsor is exactly the type that belongs.

                    I asked him for a bit more than it costs me to run the site so I can build a little extra for paying for whatever, since I rarely do any major tech work myself.

                    Frankly, I think that is rare and that I am fortunate in this. Of course I run a site full of attorneys, so there is probably more money to be had there, in terms of advertising, than on your average site.

                    I also have an link and I've made a little on it. I think over 100 now. I guess I've had it for a couple months.

                    I used marketbanker briefly, that has a pay per click option and also provides you with the ability to sell marketing pretty easily.

                    Before I found the sponsor I ran on donations. At first they were just private donations. After that I started a sponsor box on the front page which notes who has donated (unless they don't want to be noted.) I just set up a paypal account with a link on the site.

                    I would charge them a week's cost to sponsor for a week, a month's for a month and so on. Then I would leave the person's name up for that time period. That worked pretty well.


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                      Shame on you, "makemoney"!

                      About your deleted post...

                      So, Brer Rabbit gets caught in a trap set by Brer Fox and is hoisted feet-first into a tree. Brer Bear comes by and asks what he's doing up there. Brer Rabbit says he's scaring the crows out of the field and makin' a dollar a minute for it.

                      Brer Bear says he'd like to make a dollar a minute!

                      So, Brer Bear lets Brer Rabbit out of the trap and takes his place, hoisted up by his feet. He thanks Brer Rabbit for the opportunity and watches as Brer Rabbit scampers away.

                      Along comes Brer Fox who expects to find Brer Rabbit in his trap but, of course, finds Brer Bear, who explains to him how it all came about and how he's making a dollar a minute!
                      To which Brer Fox replies:


                      It's called a chain letter and it's illegal, of course:


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