Looking for a dedicated server, which would you suggest?

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  • WoodiE
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    • May 2002
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    Looking for a dedicated server, which would you suggest?

    Right now my forum has 4,100+ members with about 40-60 +/- members online at any given time. Right now I'm on a VPS package which the site is just running dog slow. So far I've limited myself to two companies and servers:


    AMD 3000+ Barton
    36GB SCSI HD
    100Mbps upload


    The Planet

    Dual 2.8Ghz Xeon
    2GB RAM
    2x 73GB SCSI HD

    While I'm aware the dual xeon should crush the Barton - what I'm looking for is something that's going to out do my current VPS for sure yet still allow room for growth later down the road at the same time I don't want to pay $150-200 more for a server if it's going to be an extreme over kill for my forum.

    Out of the two which do you think would be a good fit?

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  • BamaStangGuy
    • Mar 2004
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    Go with the Planet


    • AlienSector
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      • Oct 2004
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      ThePlanet or ServerMatrix would be your best bet for a dedicated server. We host with ASmallOrange and they house their servers with both (I believe, correct me if wrong) and I've never had an issue with speed, uptime or any other factor that would prevent me from using them if I needed a dedicated server.

      Note: Personally, having 50-60 online at once should not bog down a server that much. We've had 170 visitors hit our forum and the speed was super. Personally, I'd look for a new host over looking to delve into a dedicated server as you are pretty much on your own then (even with most managed solutions).


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