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I need help with finding a server....

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  • I need help with finding a server....

    A good friend of mine started a website where he had sponsered webshosting. He runs a large UBB, and will most likely switch to vB in the near future. At any rate, his site does, or shall I say did get a lot of traffic prior to his ISP provider placing a cap on his bandwidth, they only allow him so many KB's a second. Upon asking them for improved service he had this email in reply:

    > Hi ******,
    > after monitoring the Bandwidth needs of your site ( it uses in excces of
    1.8MB), more tha a T1 line.
    > We can offer the folowing..
    > dedicated server wih 9gig hard drive...$350/mo (includes Rack mounted
    > the Bandwidth will $1400/mo.
    > I am sure you will find other ISP just dying to bring you on board, but we
    know they will require you to pay for the Bandwidth Once they relize how
    much you use!..
    > So we can provide the service for an amount of $1,750/mo. a 1 yr contract
    and advance payment of services of 2 months (reserve) and hen your reqular
    monthly of $1750.
    I have never heard of someone measuring traffic by the MB. I assume he is meaning per hour... and I dont really know my MB -> GB conversions, but the price he was quoted to me seems absolutely to me to be rediculous. Can anyone offer any insight? or advice?

    I would greatly appreciate it.

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    he probably means 1.8mb/s - which is about 15mbit.
    I think.

    512k ADSL is about 60k/s speed, so as you can see his site is what is known as a 'heavy traffic site'.

    What kind of site is it?

    BTW - expect noone to touch his site unless it is a dedicated server - vhosts would die if his site was hanging off it.


    PS - T3 connection is 45mbit - and that is what some webhosts run off (usually 3xT3).


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      Hi, thanks for your reply,

      His site is a Flight Simulator ( gaming ) site. I should clarify we think his 1.8MB/s traffic, is from when his site had peaked during a software patch release a few months ago. Eversince they cut his bandwidth to I think 100Kb/s.

      We are thinking of co-locating a server together on a 1.54mb/s line. I have a second computer that we think ( could be wrong ) could do the job.

      A PII350, 128MB Ram, IDE Drive.... are you laughing at me? I'm thinking we might need to upgrade it to a PIII800 and add 512MB of Ram, but I really dont know. His site is not a money maker, it is more or less a non-profit organization.

      P.S. Even though you mention he needs a dedicated server, isn't $1750/month right out to lunch? Or at 1.8Mb/s is it somewhere's right on the money?


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