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Lunarpages any good?

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  • Lunarpages any good?

    Hey I was just looking at some hosts and I came across Does anyone use this or know if it's any good? I didn't see them say what version MySQL or PHP so I'm not sure if it's vBulletin compatible? Could anyone tell me? Anyone know if it's any good?


    Edit: Found out they have PHP version 4.3.4 and MySQL version 4.0.15 .
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    Do a search for 'Lunapages' on this forum. I believe this host does not allow vB forums on their servers. Their reasons for this are bogus.
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      Ah thank you very much Steve. Yea their reasons were pretty stupid, I guess I'll find another host.


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        The Lunarpages/vB issue comes up alot on WHT (


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          Originally posted by Steve Machol
          I believe this host does not allow vB forums on their servers.
          I learned something today. Shame on them.


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            Originally posted by Scootertaj
            Edit: Found out they have PHP version 4.3.4 and MySQL version 4.0.15 .
            PHP 4.3.10 and above is recommended due to vunreabilities found in outdated versions. See the public announcement on this forum.


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              I wouldnt recommend Lunarpages to anyone, from what I have heard, they have NO idea on what they are doing, the support is just, horrible, etc.


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                Stay far, far away from them..... they suck big time.........


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                  So it seems they're using vbulletin as an excuse because they can't be bothered or don't know how to upgrade to the latest version of php, very lame if thats the case.


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                    As of this date, Lunarpages still will not allow vBulletin or Invision Power Board.

                    I am currently a customer of theirs and not too happy about it...

                    Tech support is timely but clueless... can't tell me why my account bounces messages, can't tell me why I can only send a few (10) of the outgoing messages I've stacked up while working offline before I get an error... when I've stacked up 100 or so, clicking to clear the error and re-hitting the send button gets really old... their built-in listserv archives do not list time of posts, which is a killer for figuring out who sent what when... etc., etc., etc.

                    And because I went past 30 days giving them a chance to work things out, they won't give me even a pro-rated refund and allow me to quit the rest of my 1-year sign-up.

                    Too bad -- I had such high hopes based on the hosting review websites.


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                      My 2 cents

                      Just wanted to chime in as a current (as soon to be former) Lunarpages customer running Vbulletin,

                      Bottom line is this: don't use Lunarpages to host Vbulletin forums.

                      At some point, you will be told that your 7.95/mo plan is not sufficient for the "excessive MySQL use" on the account due to VB, but for the low low price of 49.95/mo they can upgrade your account to the "enterprise" plan which "might" (their words) be able to handle the load of Vbulletin.

                      Never mind the fact that a) they couldn't give me quantifiable metrics for the CPU usage (i.e. was it a burst one day that red-flagged my account, or a sustained amt over a longer period, etc...) and b) they can't (won't) guarantee that with the new account, I'll be fine.

                      I don't mind paying for what I use, but in my case, they just unilaterally suspended the domain without any notification/warning and are basically saying it could happen again... and there's no way for me to see it coming or to track/monitor the usage.

                      I could say a lot more but I'm busy as hell, like the rest of us... but I just wanted to give my input and relate my first hand experience in hopes that I can help others...

                      Looks like this is also covered in this thread:

                      Now to start poking around here to find recommendations on another host....
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                        You can look around on, there are many reputatble hosts there. I almost moved to LunarPages a couple of years ago when my old host instituted mySQL limits, but after reading in their suppoty forums I moved on.

                        One of my clients did locate her site there, but got suspended when she accidently hit AOL's "Spam" button on her own newsletter. Unlike many hosts, they listen to AOL so they don't get blacklisted. She ended up back on her old host she had before LP.


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