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Just started a new host - and I'm already displeased with service...

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  • Just started a new host - and I'm already displeased with service...


    I just started up with a new host and new board license, and I'm already displeased with their service and support... *sigh*

    The host is

    I signed up for the business long term plan - $99 for the year.

    I have to request everything - mysql, email, etc...

    And to top it all off... Permissions in my account are messed up - I can't even create a directory - access denied. *sigh*

    I was looking into canceling my account, and I was looking in their Terms of Service, and its says,
    Termination Instructions: To terminate your Plan(s) you must follow these instructions. Any other forms of termination will not be acceptable. You must provide PrimeMaster with notice of a termination at least 7 days before the end of the Term by entering the Control Panel and clicking on the link that says "Cancel My Account". PrimeMaster will then ask you for customer identification information so that we can properly identify you. Once we receive your Notice of Termination we will send you a Termination Code. If your Plan(s) was billed in error after termination, credit will only be given to you if you have a valid termination code. Any attempts to cancel by e-mail or telephone will be rejected and billing will continue until these instructions have been followed. Any and all data and/or material placed by you to PrimeMaster's equipment may be deleted upon termination. PrimeMaster is not obligated to back-up any of this data and/or material after a Notice of Termination. If you reregister after your Plan(s) was made, any and all dues and fees paid up to date regardless of services rendered will be forfeited.

    Liabilities and Obligations on Termination. If the Agreement expires or is terminated for any reason, PrimeMaster is not liable to you because of such an expiration or termination for compensation or reimbursement on Plan(s) of the loss of prospective profits, anticipated sales, goodwill or on Plan(s) of any investment, relation to, or association with your business or for any other reason resulting from your termination or expiration. Any termination of this Agreement will not deem you exempt from past due invoices or fees that have acquired prior to the termination of this Agreement owed by you to PrimeMaster as provided in this Agreement. PrimeMaster reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and terminate any Plan(s) without reason with 10 days notice.
    Does that mean I wont get my $99 back? I mean I just signed up for the service a couple days ago - the 21st. Or chould I just do a charge back through my credit card company (AMEX) ??

    Let me know what you think... I'm stumped in whether or not to cancel my account or just live through the B.S.


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    Id do a charge back myself.


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      The contract is poorly written for starters. (And written in stilted English, which isn't going to help them any if they get taken to court.)

      But beyond that, I think you might get at least some back, because it doesn't actually mention fees paid. It just goes on and on about them not being responsible for loss of profits on your part (which is a really weird clause; I've never seen it before) but doesn't mentione fees you paid to them. However by the same token, it doesn't mention fees you paid to them, so you might not get anything back. I would look for some sort of money-back guarantee or similar on their site. If there's nothing like that, ask nicely, and if they give you problems, then do a charge-back. If they complain, tell them they broke your contract (which, if you truly can't create directories due to some error theirs, is true).


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        Business Hosting SPECIAL - $99/YEAR

        Free Domain Name** -
        600 Megs
        Unlimited Pop3 E-mail Accounts
        Unlimited Hits*
        Unlimited Data Transfer*
        Full CGI ACCESS
        Perl 5/ PHP 4/ ASP
        Advanced Chatroom System New!!
        Mailing List System New!!
        MySQL 2001 New!!
        Control Panel
        25 Options included!!
        * Data transfer and hits are unlimited until your web site uses 95% of the server's resources. When this occur, you will have to upgrade to a dedicated server.
        * No such thing as Unlimited Data Transfer. If you use too much, we'll bin your account and you won't hear from us again

        Basically, selling a deal like that - Im supprised they are still in business! I could never afford to sell those sort of plans at that price. I guess the old saying "You get what you pay for" is applicable here


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          I know the deal with "Unlimited" bandwidth, space, etc..
          I seen the $99 and the fact that you can also be a reseller and went for it... *sigh*

          I should've went with a provider that I knew.... (or already used) I guess I wanted a little change of pace...

          I canceled my account and told ithem in the email that I would like my $99 back since I couldn't really do anything to my account anyways... nor would they fix the directory permissions...

          And the email they sent back to me just gave me the termination number and that's it... nothing else, no sorrys or we'll give you your money back, or anything like that...

          And I tried calling their sales department, and no one would answer the phone....

          And I call my credit card company and they told me that "You'll have to talk to the merchant..." URG! If I could, I would.. .But I can't... They wont return my emails or answer the phones when I call...

          There better be $99 back on my card by the end of this week... or they're never going to hear the end of it!

          Ok... I'm done ranting....



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            <!--Begin Cheesey 80's movie reference -->

            I want my 99 dollars!!

            <!-- End Cheesey 80's movie reference -->



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              Originally posted by JimF
              <!--Begin Cheesey 80's movie reference -->
              I want my 99 dollars!!
              <!-- End Cheesey 80's movie reference -->


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                LOL Jim

                I'll try calling the host again later today.. maybe I can get a human instead of the voice mail.....


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                  If you're going to look for a new host, I'd recommend That is if you want to venture into something new... They are new, but its pretty good according to a friend.


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                    You may also want to look at I like them and alot of people rate them highly like myself. Brendan and John are always doing their best to keep things running smooth and their support is top notch. You can always say that I referred you...


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                      I'm on a budget (under $20/month) and I have to have a host that accepts American Express.

                      Also, be able to upgrade plan if needed at no extra charge.

                      Have any more suggestions??



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                        Ive never heard of them.
                        it would be nice under the circumstances, if they would credit you back, since you just signed up.
                        It would certainly be better on the HOSTS end to do that because a chargeback will cost them!
                        [email protected]


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                          Well I talked to my credit card company (well its not a "credit" card - its a prepaid card by American Express -, and they told me that they can't do a charge back (probably because its not a true credit card). They told me, "You have to talk to the merchant..."

                          I was about to say... Yeah if I could actually get to talk to a REAL person when I call... All I get is their voice mail, and when I go into the option to talk to someone from their sales dept, all I get is, "We're sorry, the person you wish to speak with is unavailable at this time, try back later or leave a message after the beep..."

                          I've done both -- called back later (several times) and left a couple messages. I haven't gotten a call back from them nor an email from them at all.

                          Talk about unprefessional!!

                          I'm thinking about contacting the BBB is they don't get a hold of me in the next week - or even refund my money.

                          $99 is a LOT of money... Especially when you're on a very limited budget. If I don't that money back, I'm going to have to resort to selling someone to make up for it - especially if I don't see it back and I'm hosting with someone else... ya know?


                          It really pi$$es me off...

                          I'm hosting with Nicholas Brown's host...
                          At least I can create email and databases on my own instead of emailing and asking them to create things for me (like with primemaster).... (Thanks Nick!)

                          I'm off to try and call the idiots again....

                          Thanks again for all your support, guys!
                          I appreciate it!



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                            Originally posted by rockergrrl
                            I'm hosting with Nicholas Brown's host...
                            At least I can create email and databases on my own instead of emailing and asking them to create things for me (like with primemaster).... (Thanks Nick!)


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                              I know its LATE , but better late then never. 3 months have been by, what happened?


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