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    I can't believe u plugged your own service!
    And 5MB space with 1GB transfer limit??
    Please tell me you are taking the pish (I think swearing is dissallowed here ) do it for about $17US a month, and they are fast, stable and very good.
    I have two domains hosted there.

    Oh, and that's unlimited space/transfer etc.
    Yes, there are two options, one with a 15gb transfer limite etc.



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      Well hey. I honestly can't do anything but lose money on those types of accounts, so I'm not after them.

      Your milage may vary.


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        those prices are a little steep Shaman, especially if youre wanting to host a forum.

        my forum, mid-sized at best, uses about 2Gb/day in tranfer and a 30 day prune on my DB is about 250 Mb. I would shudder to think what you might charge me or anyone else with an established forum. I'm glad I have my own server.

        I have an account with Dreamhost where I get 160 Mb and 44 Gb/transfer for about $70/month. Dreamhost is nothing if not fast and reliable and the tech support is the same.


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          call me dense, but free web hosts offer better deals than that.
          Now, if it was 50-100mb then it would be feasible.

          Anyway, each to their own



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            Like it or not, I can't buy bandwidth that cheap, and I have an OC-3 line. I have no idea how they're doing it, so I leave it to those hosting companies that can.

            That's just the fact.


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              Alright I have narrowed it down to two hosts, but after reading numerous posts about which web host is better, I still cannot decide. I m leaning toward tera-byte because I think they offer more bang for the buck, so if anyone has any sort of feedback about this company, please respond!! The other company is


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                Originally posted by Martin
                I have an account with Dreamhost where I get 160 Mb and 44 Gb/transfer for about $70/month. Dreamhost is nothing if not fast and reliable and the tech support is the same.
                Are you serious? That's an awesome bargain! I crossed them off my list after reading their terms and conditions. Do they not enforce it something?

                The term "unmonitored bandwidth" on some of the plans means that within reason, users will not be charged for bandwidth use with that plan. Within reason extends to a total use per month of 2GB..
                I'm currently at pair who I'm happy with but I'm running up against their bandwidth limits.


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                  Wayne, we have about 5 domains there and we have resold about 15 accounts, so I'm sure they cut us a lot of slack. We have had almost 1 Gb stored there and they never flinched.

                  They really are a great host and they will not strictly and rigidly enforce their bandwidth limits. They didn't really say anything to us at all until we started using about 1.5 Gb/day at one of our domains.

                  If you are thinking about them, please put "wanders" as your refferer? We could use all the help we can get


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                    I sent DreamHost sales an email (incredibly friendly and fast reply!):

                    The bandwidth charges come to $15/GB, though if and when you are up to 50-100 GB per month we'll be able to give you a discounted rate.
                    30 gigs/month * $15/gig = $450/month

                    They may not enforce it like you say, Martin, but I don't want to chance it. Moving sites is a pain and I'd feel more comfortable with something in writing.

                    I'm probably doomed to going dedicated, which actually shouldn't be that bad. I was going to go with Interland until I stumbled upon the pages and pages (and pages) of people complaining about them. DigitalNation and Rackspace both looks great though and I'm thinking about going with one of them.

                    Has anyone heard anything about Alpha Network or tried one of those Cobalt things? They give 50 gigs/month for $200 on a RaQ2 w/16Meg 4.3HD.

                    In any case, thanks for the recommendation, Martin.


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                      Thanks guys for all replies!!! I went with tera-byte, as they offer the most bang for the buck. I got a great package for less than $10/month, and I installed the trial version of this board successfully. I can't wait to install the new version as I just bought it, unfortunately it won't let me access the members area, cause the link is down.


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                        SOrry folks, I dont know if I missed the boat here to tell you lot.

                        I joined with a few weeks ago for my small company business, and they have MySQL, just so fortunate as I am now thinking of buying vB and using it on there.

                        As for whether the 50 megs are included in their MySQL I dont know. But I pay $14.95 a month and get a whole host of features, including unlimited pop accounts, auto responders and more.

                        check em out and let me know what you think.


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                          You might also want to check out this one for $30 a month, u get 400 megs disc space and 10 gig transfer.


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                            *jumps in*

                   = awsome!



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                              PHP3HOSTING - Low cost web hosting


                              We offer PHP/MySQL hosting. We allow each user to have their own instance of MySQL meaning they get root access to their databases.


                              Hosting starts from under $5 per month and includes MySQL/PHP without any set-up fees

                              PHP3/4 MySQL hosting from
                              $4.80/£3 pm
                              .COM/.NET $39.98/£24.99
                              HTTP://WWW.PHP3HOSTING.COM ($)
                              HTTP://WWW.PHP3HOSTING.CO.UK (£)
                              PHP3/PHP4, Your own MySQL server
                              Shell Access Full CGI capabilities, FTP, POP3


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                                I still think jumpline offers more features and pricewise that are better too.

                                I mean, 10 megs is really not enough, and neither is 250 meg bandwidth for that price. A simple BB like this will eat into that price fairly quickly.


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