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  • Is php web hosting....

    I am in need of a cheap web host that supports this php/mysql format. I was just wondering if any of you have heard of this company, and are they good/reliable. I'm just starting out a web site, and truthfully I don't where to begin. So I thought a good web host would be a good start. Thanks for all the help in advance.


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    A good company that is rather cheap is

    For $5 a month (if you pay for one year, else it is $7 a month)

    You can buy each thing you need for your site on a per item basis. They host my website in my sig.


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      Thanks for the reply rangersfan, I was just wondering how long the installation of your forums took, and was it relatively easy or not? Do you have any programming experience, or did you have a web designer help you out. Sorry for all the questions, but I like to know what I'm getting myself into. Thanks again!!!


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        It only took me about a day to get everything set up but I do have alot of unix experience but with vbulletin, the setup script will do everything for you. It is not very difficult so don't be afraid as you can ask about any problems you have on here.


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          If everything is set up properly, it *should* be really easy.
          We're Here Forums!
          [email protected]


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            So if i go with this web hosting company, which supports the php/mysql formats, then I should be okay right?
            Here is the info. on their site

            For $9.95 a month, you get the following:
   domain hosting(for those who have a
            registered domain name - see note) hosting(for those without a
            domain name)
            unlimited subdomains (
            Un-metered disk space
            Un-metered Transfer
            Flexible DNS settings for alternate MX record(to use webmail
            systems, etc.)
            Wildcard DNS settings (*
            Full .htaccess usage(which includes...)
            ...Password Protected Directories
            ...Custom 404 Error pages
            ...and more

            Telnet Access 24 hours a day
            SSH Access 24 hours a day
            FTP Access 24 hours a day
            Access to Pine email program
            (note: we do not offer newsgroup access)

            It's finally here! Un-metered pop3 mailboxes!
            unlimited [email protected] email aliases
            unlimited email forwards
            unlimited mailing lists
            unlimited auto-responders

            1 MySQL Database
            Additional MySQL databases as needed(no extra charge)
            Use of php4 (compiled into apache as a module)
            Use of SSI(server side includes)
            Your own CGI-BIN directory and ability to run your own scripts
            Use of Perl programming language
            Use of all standard Unix utilities

            Access to raw access_log(combined format - includes referrer
            Access to raw error_log
            Analog Stats Log file analysis
            Webalizer log file analysis

            Access to web-based control panel
            Use of SSL(with our certificate or yours)

            If you have more questions or need more specific information, please
            contact us

            To sign up, click here. Remember: we offer a full 30-day, 100%
            money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose by giving us a try!

            Important Note:

            Your $9.95 a month includes hosting of It does
            not include the actual registration of the name. This is a separate
            process and unfortunately involves separate fees(none of which are
            paid to our company).

            For most domains(.com, .net, .org) registration costs $35 per year.
            For new registrations, the first two years must be paid for in
            advance. We have partnered with to offer our clients
            domain registration.

            If you need more information about the domain name registration
            process, click here.

            To transfer your existing domain to our servers, a transfer request
            will need to be made with Internic. We can make this request for
            you. If you would like to make the request yourself, here is the
            relevant information:


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              Unlimited transfer AND disk space for only $9.95 a month? I would be very wary of such an offer as it seems to good to be true and you know what that means. Research them on before comitting. Also you can register domain names for $20 and less. does it for $17 and others do it for less.


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                Oh here is the catch

                Q. You say that diskspace and transfer are unmetered, but is there any limit to the amount I can use?

                A. Though we do not have any pre-set limits, you will not be allowed to consistently use more then a couple of hundred MB of diskspace and/or over two GB of bandwidth/month. If you use more than this only occasionally, then that is fine.
                They define unlimted transfer as occasionally being able to exceed 2 gigs a month? I would stay far away from this outfit.

                Q. What kind of servers do you have?

                A. We have Pentium 400+ servers that run Redhat Linux 6.1. Depending on the current market, servers will be faster then Pentium 400's. But we do guarantee at least a P400 server.
                OUCH these are going to be shared pentium 400's.

                Q. You say "un-metered" POP3 accounts. How many can I really have?

                A. A general limit would be 10 or 15. The main limits are that you can not for instance set up a service where anybody on the net can get a free POP3 through you, etc. The goal of the un-metered POP3's is to allow you to set up however many are needed for your company, group, etc. Like most of our other offerings, we do not want to place any hard limits on the number of POP3's that you may create. However we do ask that you keep your demands with-in reason. Also keep in mind the number of messages that each account will be receiving each day. For example, 50 POP3's that only receive a few messages a day would be acceptable while 50 POP3's that each receive hundreds of messages a day would not.
                Un-Metered Pop3 all of a sudden becomes 10-15? This company has serious issues and I advise you to avoid them. They can't even put in stone what you can or can't do. They also do not have a phone number where you can actually call them on the phone.

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                  Thank you very much for all of your help, I really appreciate it. I was 10 min away from setting up shop with them. So you recommend Is there any other php web hosts that are comparable, and if so who are they? Once again thank you very much.



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                    Well if you pay monthly and get 1 mysql database the charge will be about $11 a month at your-site. You get 6 gigs transfer a month and 50 megs space. The MySQL databse usage does not count against your 50 megs of web space. There is a $20 setup fee but they register your domain for free and it is only $10 to re-new it each year. I recommend them to anybody starting out since you don't know what you will need in the future when it comes to transfer and disk space. If you get to the size of or martin's forums then you probably want to move to a dedicated server anyway.


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                      Hi ya

                      I was had by a few webhosts recently. I had problems with, and they offered me my own dedicated server for no extra cost. BUT in the two weeks I have had it, they have not set it up to a running standard, so I am ditching them.

             - well, their servers often fall over, and they NEVER reply to my tech support questions. To top it off, when I try to fax them my cancellation, their answerphone doesn't kick in.

                      I am currently with - They are speedy, fast and I have had NO problems with them. They only offer a shared MySQL server, but that is ok - just have to make the database names different from the others

             and are hosted on them

                      (Oh, and once u have the MySQL database name and password, then installing vBulletin takes no time at all)


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                        if you haven't already decided, try a search at

                        they have a pretty comprehensive database of hosting services out there and they allow people to rate their experinces with them.

                        You can search for hosts that offer specific features, prices, etc...


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                          Thanks for the link. Just wondering if people have heard of tera-byte web hosting, and if so do they have good support,etc. And if I wanted Vbulletin to install the program on my server how long would that take after you received payment?



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                            well, for me I signed up, then a few moments later I got 2 emails - one an invoice, the other the access details to the members area.

                            From there, I was new to PHP and had MySQL not setup etc. As soon as I grasped what I was doing (with help from on here) and my MySQL database was created, it was litterally a case of uploading the files, editing config.php, then running
                  <vbulletin dir>/admin/install.php

                            Then... it is just click the next links, enter some details ie your name etc and et voila - bing bang bong works.



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                              Our company does the hosting of PHP and MySQL apps. However, cheap doesn't really enter into it. We do about $30 per month (Canadian) and that allows 5MB space and 1GB of transfer.

                              But... really, that's huge if you do the setup right. And speed isn't a problem.

                              Whenever you buy cheap you also buy slow, it seems.


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