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Anyone still using Data393?

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  • Anyone still using Data393?

    Hey there, I'm thinking of coming back to vB (from phpbb) and want to hear from people currently at Data393. How is the shared hosting? If you have this setup going, can you tell me how its working and your user online count? Thanks!


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    I still have my account with them, but I'm actually moving away this month. I don't necessarily have a bad taste with them now, but I definetely had better since I signed up with them several years ago.

    They aren't bad by all means, but the focus has shifted since the merger. In fact last couple of days they rolled out their new "support dashboard" to their VO clientelle - feels rather rushed though. Anyways, if you do plan to take them up on hosting, it may be worthwhile to wait a bit. They're in process of rolling a new distributed shared platform which will be more robust (not sure if it makes it better for you, rather than them, but they're pretty excited about it).


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      I'm currently with them and during and after the merger I was running into too much downtime. The last few months (~4 months or more) have been great with no downtime.

      According to them I need to upgrade to a VPS.


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        I was with Ventures Online for two years before they merged with Data393. Honestly, I haven't had any problems at all with them since the merge. In fact, their technical support has been great.

        I moved my account from the "old" Ventures Online server to a Data393 one because they offered more disk space for the same fee. Everything went smooth.

        I ran a community bulletin baord for 1.5 years with Ventures Online. My wife currently hosts with Data393. I am testing a vBulletin site on her account and everything works great. Granted, I've only had several users on at one time so that may not be a good benchmark. Our account is the $10.00 cheapy.

        However, I am recommending to my company that we got with a Virtual Priavater Server for the vBulletin + vbPortal site that I am developing.

        - Gerry


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          Had a reseller account with Data393 after the merger. Uptime and server responce was poor. Dumped them fast. Would hope things have improved since then. Shame considering VO had a very good reputation at one time.


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            Sorry to read that you had a hard time with Data393. I only have a shared web account. As I said, I have proposed a Virtual Private Server for my company. I don't want to regret it afterwards.

            What are you going with now?


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