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  • f2s help

    I need some help uploading files to the f2s server
    i need to know the server name: which i set as f2s
    for the FTP server is set is as:
    which is the adress of my page
    for the initial directory on the FTP server i set it as:
    and i set my username and passwor, and it's not uploading any files and i dont know why it is...anyone help me? am i using the correct directories?

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    Why don't you get in touch with f2s support, they'd likely be more able to help you .

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      sure thing...
      Oh...i need to know this, i have posted a previous topic, but it has not been answered to...It says, when you want to upload the picture files, they need to be in BINARY, how do i convert the pictures to binary? Do i just open them in notepad or something...please help me out


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        the server name would be your username

        to upload in binary all you need to do is select the binary option on your ftp client


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          thank you! thats all i wanted to know!
          I just want to know one more thing...Does CuteFTP have a binary option? if so, where is it?


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            I'm not very familiar with CuteFTP but I would imagine they would have that option. Sorry I can't be of more help.


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              Cute will auto-detect a binary file and use the appropriate mode, unless you explicitly tell it to use a particular mode.


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                I am using cuteFTP and when i try to upload the files i get an error message. I am uploading them to a bit of f2s web-space, and i get an error with the msql thing. If there is anyone here that i can trust enough to give them my password and username, i would like to know, because the, maybe, they could help me sort out the problem.
                Please help me, i dont have much money, and i bought the mb in full faith that i would be easy to upload, and i'm haing trouble. i am getting around 250e-mails a day asking me when the mb is going to put up, so i need it up as soon as possible. please help me


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                  So the problem is now only to access the MySql database?

                  Pls note that with f2s you only have one database, named most probably ff9home. You also got a separate password for the database (after you have activated database in your members section).

                  To see if you can use your database, go to your members section and goto database.

                  Then goto web database tool, type your username, password for the database,
                  your server, most probably and port, 3306 and hit login,

                  Now you get a PhPMyAdmin window and you can play with your database. If you get this far, youknow that databas access is working

                  To install VBulletin, during install you have to use your given database name for the installation of VBulletin.


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                    Thank you!!!
                    Thats what i needed to know....why could no-one tell me that before?!


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                      because you didn't explain the problem properly


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                        You can read this in the e-mails they have sent you and on the member pages, although it is not explained so clearly on their web pages


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                          Originally posted by Nicholas Brown
                          because you didn't explain the problem properly
                          How more clearly could i have explained it?!


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