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Communehost and Viperhos is not proffessional !

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  • Communehost and Viperhos is not proffessional !

    Please read that thread (He is a Admin that forum)

    Also in 2 months I send 20 PM,maybe 50 mail and support ticket.But nobody help me that company (I don't know company or home office)

    I didn't use that company since 2.5 months and also 1 domain only use 2 days than cancel (mony back guarantee) but still billed Other domain paid before yearly but only use 4 month and also prepaid 300 Dollar for bandwidth (but never use)

    Anybody help me,how can I find Jonhatan.

    Because realy hate this problem,if I cannot find him.I report Credit Card center and cancel him domain reseller.

    I'll write this problem Web Host Talk forums.....

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    Read the announcement at

    Viperhost and Communehost are being closed down.

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      I had ViperHost and was paying by the quarter. When the problems started I wrote Jonathan over and over. I had no way to fix my board and could not even get into CPanel. I switched host in order to even have a board that functioned. At the time I had just been billed for 3 months. I wrote every address I had and explained that I had no ill will and they could keep the money but my account was not to be billed again ! So today I wake up to find in e-mail that they have been trying to bill me for another 3 months. I followed the link that was billing me and it went to [email protected]

      I don't know if that was set up to rip people off but I do know they are trying to charge me for 3 months.


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        I loose 500 $ maybe.....But nobody help me....


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          lol it's Ravio 2 - The revenge


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            If it were me I'd have a lawyer on this immediately. But that's if it were me..

            Got a Boxer?


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              I cancelled the subscription so that may have taken care of it. If not, I ain't that far from Tennesee and I can always discuss it in person.


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                I am sorry to hear that viperhost is down. Any sales issues are unfortunatly not with anybody here to discuss. I advice a chargeback on your credit card if they haven't supplied you with the services you paid them for.


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                  I understand that--Had nothing but great support from VBulletin but I thought I would add my 2 cent as to what kinda company ViperHost became and the game someone is playing. Maybe it will save someone some trouble. I suggest anyone that had an account with them and paid through PayPal should go and cancel it immediately.


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                    Someone playing a game and what company they have become .. are just accusations caused by frustration. I am sorry, but they are not facts. They have shut down obviously and informed their clients through an announcement. Any issues with payments are indeed a side effect, but I am sure the staff has no intention to play games - if they have, they would also have time to answer questions.


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                      Well. somebody is trying to charge me and that is a fact and Jonathan Tittle who I originally made a deal with name is being used. As far as informing their clients--that never happened. The support forum was never answered and e-mail after e-mail was never answered. As I said--for those that dealt with ViperHost--be aware that someone is trying to charge you for something you are not getting.

                      The payment for your subscription to VH-BBS02 [] failed
                      because you do not currently have a back-up funding source for your instant
                      transfer payment. Jonathan Tittle has been notified of this failed payment.

                      We will try to make payment again on Aug. 11, 2004.

                      To correct this problem, you must update your funding source to be an
                      eCheck or a credit card.

                      Please change the funding source for this Subscription by clicking this
                      link and following the steps below:
            [email protected]

                      1. Click the link above to go to log in and go to your Subscription
                      2. Under 'Subscription Funding Source' choose a credit card or eCheck
                      funding source from one of the drop-downs.

                      If there are no other funding sources available, add a new credit card:

                      3. Click on the 'Profile' subtab
                      4. Choose the 'Credit Cards' link from the Financial Information column
                      5. Click 'Add'
                      6. Follow the on-screen instructions to add a new credit card to your
                      PayPal account

                      After adding a new credit card, follow steps 1 and 2 above to change your
                      subscription funding source.

                      Subscription Details

                      Amount: $115.00 USD

                      Date of payment failure: Aug. 8, 2004
                      Date of next payment attempt: Aug. 11, 2004
                      Subscription Name: VH-BBS02 []
                      Subscription Number:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                      Custom Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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                        I don't see what we can do about that.


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                          Originally posted by Floris
                          I don't see what we can do about that.
                          Exactly, has i've told a number of people these are private matters between you and these companys. We have not seen anymore of Jonathan then you guys have in the last few months.

                          Notify your card companys and banks about these payments and get them stoped, I was also a customer of his hosting service but have moved on and lost no money in transaction, we made sure all payments where stoped, you can to.

                          Coming here, or any other forum aint going to solve anything, you can get the payments stoped, or at least make sure that when they come they are not billed to you.


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                            I don't recall coming here and asking anyone to do anything or even suggesting in any way shape or form that anyone but ViperHost was responsible.
                            It would stand to reason that since ViperHost was hosting VBulletin boards in the past then there might be other people that could use a warning. I cancelled mine--might be others that aren't so lucky so I see nothing wrong with warning VBulletin customers about someone that is less than honest.


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                              You might have given us the wrong impression when you posted your payment details instead of just sharing your experience.


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