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What to expect from ipowerweb from now on

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  • What to expect from ipowerweb from now on

    After hosting 6 domains happilly with iPowerweb I found out the wrong way that they have recently decided to ban the transfer of zip files, yes zip files, through their shared mail servers a they are "virus vehicles" so what will they ban next, seems to ban, rather than fix is their technical solution. No notice was given. There response when challenged many time over this undue cencorship was as below, i quote

    "Thank you for contacting iPowerweb technical support.

    Unfortunately, the bottom line is that we cannot enable the capability to send/receive zip files. If this type of functionality is neccessary for your business, you will need to use your ISP's POP/SMTP servers or use an external email hosting service like

    Kind regards
    iPowerweb Technical Support Team"

    So much for customer support, like it, lump it or go elsewhere!
    Thanks In Advance


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    Usually when a company changes policy they should inform their customers through email or written letter so they can agree/disagree without being bound to x months of hosting. You could have disagreed, got any pre-paid money back and could move to a competitor.


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      The option you mention is still under consideration

      I strongly disagree with having such things dictated to me without any consultation.

      Up till this I was not 100% happy with their support, but at least 95%, which is reasonable these days for the $$$, I have used them now for over a year with no incident, but as I moved our external email to use the server being unable to use zip files, is actually crazy.

      I really believe its a cop out, they must have had some issue with people spamming from their servers at some time to do this, but I would have thought they would have been better to kcik those users off their servers instead of just banning the extension.

      I can still package up exe files, vbs files, scr files and rar them, and they go through fine, so they have acheived nothing really.
      The fact that these go through shows it is an extension ban, not a scan of the file to determine what it is. So its effectiveness in stopping their users distributing viruses is not valid, this action would provide less than a minor irritation to any serious virus writing types but a major pain to the rest of their users who are guilty of nothing.
      Thanks In Advance



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