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  • Anyone from UK been with

    anyone been to ? I saw their packages and thought they looked quite good. Saw their support looks fairly good too. Anyone got any first hand experiance?


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    I have not yet heard of them, no experience with them either (doh)


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      I am with EUKHost - they had been few a bad patch a few months ago and if you search for them in google you will find bad comments about them there.

      However, they are now through this and promise me they have more staffing now working for them - recently I must say it has been much better.

      Plus - there servers are not actually located in the UK as they state - they are located with ThePlanet - the same people that host

      If you have anymore questions feel free to email me.


      • #4 are pretty good... I have four accounts with them and in the last year had a total of 3 hours downtime not bad pricing either
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          thanks guys.


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            Yearly contracts are rarely the way to go IMO, what if you need to change hosts half way though your yearly contract are they willing to refund your purchase?


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              Originally posted by M4g!k
              thanks guys.
              I can recommend A Small Orange:


              Their support is excellent and the server (which is considered full) is rarely above 1.00 load.


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                I'm with EUKHost. They had problems a few months ago but it seems to be sorted now. I tested their customer support before I joined and I emailed them during the evening and weekends and always got a reply from them within a few hours.

                Their prices are very reasonsable too!



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                  Originally posted by Waza04
                  Until they get more customers
                  The server I'm on is full, they are not going to place new people on it. The new customers will go to a new server that is not full.

                  Infact, they recently ordered their 7th server as their existing servers are full.


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                    Originally posted by JAWilliams
                    Plus - there servers are not actually located in the UK as they state - they are located with ThePlanet - the same people that host
                    hey...why would they lie?

                    + where is ThePlanet located? US?


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                      Yes, there in the USA.


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                        anyone know a decent UK host then?


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                          I have been quite happy with


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                            My experiences with EUKhost

                            I want to share my experiences of EUKhost/ Redbank to this thread.

                            I signed up with Redbank in May 2003 to host my site, and I was delighted with the service which I received from the then owner. He was helpful, polite and the service was everything I wanted, not to mention remarkable value.

                            About March of this year, I noticed that I had no access to the control panel for my site anymore, and I contacted the host to try to fix this. First, I was amazed that they provide no telephone support service, but it soon became apparent why! This issue was eventually resolved, but it took a lot of emailing, responding and explaining of the situation.

                            At the end of May, I noticed that my site had completely gone. I realised that this was partially my fault, in that the host was not able to send me the annual renewal notices as the email address that I had used to sign up to the service was now redundant. HOWEVER, I still decided to try to resolve this issue, and to get my site back.

                            Continued attempts were made by me to resolve this issue, including emails to the support staff and conversations in the “chat” service. Many of these emails were ignored, while others were replied to with 'textbook' answers that did nothing to help. After initially being advised that I could easily renew the name (after it had lapsed), this claim was subsequently changed to report that my domain was in redemption and that I would have to pay circa £90 to release it, which I was not prepared to do having been misinformed in the first place. Following one email from the support staff, which seemed clear enough, I repurchased the hosting service for my domain, which I then discovered I was wrongly advised to do in that email. I pressed them for a refund, which I have now received, but this is still not satisfactory.

                            The staff in the support service were often rude, very unhelpful and failed to respond to my queries on many occasions. In essence, they didn’t actually know what they were doing, and used rudeness to cover up for this fact. I eventually gave up and contacted the old owner of the hosting service, who helped me retrieve all my files from their servers. Had I realised that he no longer owns the service when this was all going on, I would have contacted him sooner. Suddenly it all made sense!

                            Now that I have got my files and they are safe, I don’t really care what EUKhost do, but I am going to investigate to see if there are formal channels through which companies like these can be reported. To the best of my knowledge there are not, but there are other methods which I am considering.

                            I have not had as bad an experience as many on this thread, I think, but this company is a ABSOLUTE JOKE! Not only does it not know what it is doing, but it also DOESN’T CARE, which is worse! I would strongly advise against going with EUKhost to anyone who asked me about them. They may be cheap, but they are utterly useless!



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                              I'm still with EUKHost and I puchased the "Gold" package which offered me:

                              20GB data transfer
                              700mb space
                              I think it's time I changed as I've started having a lot of problems recently. Can anyone recommend a good host?


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