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Why should I go with Host Rocket?

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    errr.....resold "web hosting", rather.



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      Cool. That's what I was thinking of doing myself.
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        Just take note, Host Rocket does not have a JDK installed. Im a little dissappointed, but.... that's what I get for not paying attention.


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            I was disappointed to find out after I started an account, that Java is not installed. JDK is short for Java Developement Kit. I mainly wanted a site for vBulletin with the option of extra databases, but I also wanted to write my own java chats.


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              Originally posted by Lucky
              I was disappointed to find out after I started an account, that Java is not installed. JDK is short for Java Developement Kit. I mainly wanted a site for vBulletin with the option of extra databases, but I also wanted to write my own java chats.
              Hm... maybe you should have asked them about before you signed up? Also, if did a little research, I believe you would have found they frown upon people running chat scripts as they take up a lot of cpu resources. They provide you with a chat script of their own, but as for using your own...


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                very unhappy.

                I am very unhappy with hostrocket also.

                I signed up five days ago.

                Sent in eight trouble tickets with only one response and that is after I sent three other emails.

                They tell me my account was setup instantly and that they have responsed to all my trouble tickets.

                I have no proof of that and do not even have my welcome info so I can upload my files.

                They just keep telling me that they have sent it.
                Well, it isn't getting to me.
                The only contact I am getting so that I know they even know I exist is the vbulletin forum they have.

                I am cancelling my account if I don't get my info today.

                I am really sick of hearing...we sent it, obviously it isn't getting here or they are misspelling my email address.

                I have left three alternative emails also with only one getting through to a hotmail account.

                I have never heard of email not going through like that and for them to keep telling me is up is not helping as I have been without a website for five days as CT canceling within four hours of me requesting it.

                It does say instant setup at hostrocket.
                They say it was setup within ten seconds and that they sent the info.

                That may be true but I haven't received any info from them.
                So at least be carefull to get your welcome letter before you cancel your old host if you are transferring.

                I will not recommend to stay away as many many people say that they are great.
                Kudos to them.
                I am glad they didn't have any problems, but it didn't help me to hear others getting five minute responses and me receiving nothing.

                So, I guess I need another host.
                I want a host with PHP4, and one that can take advantage of all of vbulletin 2.
                unlimited mySQL accounts, and at least 200 MB with at least 10GB bandwidith.

                What sucks is that I am out of my CT deal that I had for two years and was pretty good as it was the same prices. Now it would cost double to sign back up with them.
                Call me an idiot for being too trusting or something.


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                  Sorry to hear that you are having problems with HR. I for one love all the features that they offer, for an unbeatable price. I remember reading about this on HR forums, but I also remember that Brendan has given your IP address to upload the files. If you don't remember at is your IP address and to upload files and make them accessible on the net, upload them in the public_html folder. Let me know if I can help you out any more.


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                    It doesn't work.

                    tried as soon as he posted it.

                    I either get access denied or nothing.

                    I need a good host with PHP4 and good mysql accounts.

                    Any good hosts out there.

                    thanks for trying to help by the way, Brendan has tried but his reply is always "I have sent you the info".

                    That may be but it hasn't got to be.
                    I asked earlier if he could PM it to me through his forum.
                    No response yet.... only been a few hours though.

                    It is fine and dandy to say login here and upload but if it doesn't work it doesn't help much.

                    My guess is that they are mispelling stuff or something is just screwy.
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                      Do you remember the username and password that you used to sign up for the HR account? Hopefully you do, if so click on the following link and input them. This will give you access to your HR control panel

                      Can you access your CP?


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                        That is my point exactly.

                        I entered exactly my username and password and after three failed attempts I get access denied.

                        It is all fine and dandy to say that it works but if it doesn't work, no matter how many times I try it will not work.

                        This whole thing is pissing me off beyond all end because I have had several people treat me like I am some idiot or something when the whole time it isn't on my end.

                        I know what username and password I entered but they might have it wrong as I have never received a welcome email from them.

                        I am not upset at you, really, thanks for trying to help.
                        I do appreciate it, but I do not know what else I can do to try to get service from this guy.

                        I submit a trouble ticket, he tells me on the forum that he keeps replying and sending me my info.

                        Nothing, I email the listed email on his forum and get a autoresponse in less than five minutes.

                        If his autoresponse can email to my servers then why isn't his replies going through.

                        I have said that he can email me with different email addresses, he says he has.
                        I have received one email but it didnt' have any information on it but it saying that he has emailed it to me and responded to my trouble tickets.

                        I dont' know what to do.
                        Maybe he can email it to someone else and they can email it to me.
                        Or he can PM it to me.
                        Or mailing it in the U.S. mail might be faster than trying to get this setup online.

                        Try emailing me at [email protected] or [email protected] to see if you can email me, I know my email works.


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                          What are you using for an email client?

                          I signed up with HostRocket a few weeks ago and have been extremely satisfied with them. They reply to my trouble tickets anywhere from 15 minutes to 12 hours depending on what the issue is.

                          If you're using MSN as an email carrier, it is possible, that you aren't receiving all your email. I've been having problems with MSN for months in regard to either not receiving all my email or receiving it anywhere from 1-4 days late. I don't know what they've done, but they've become extremely unreliabile (MSN).


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                            sent you an email at both addresses. Maybe when you setup your account, you mistyped your username or password, because I think that their system is almost fully automated.


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                              I have admitted that is possible.

                              but is is my name and I do believe you have to enter it twice.

                              I have asked for them to send a normal email but I can't get that.

                              I can now not even submit a trouble ticket, I just get a page not found now.

                              If you can submit a trouble ticket please submit one for me.

                              I just now got this.
                              It's steven from vbulletin forum just checking to see if email is working.

                              Have you ever been ripped off, cheated or lied to? If so, visit

                              And steven right now I believe I am being ripped off... if they ever get me working they should at least not charge me for the five days I have been complaining and not had service.


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                                I have used outlook express and even tried a few webmails to check and nothing is on the server.

                                Hotmail too.

                                I have left four email addresses for them.

                                It has been five days, you would think it would get to me by now if delayed.

                                I just got steves in five minutes or less.

                                Does anyone know brendens icq or anyway to get ahold of him that doesn't redirect me to the stupid trouble ticket system that does'nt work?

                                That would make me happy to just get ahold of him.
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