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  • Thumbs up for Hostpro.

    Here's a testimonial for those people that are shopping for a good server:

    I moved into Hostpro's servers about a week ago. I have their Freedom 200 plan for $59.95 a month. While they aren't the cheapest, I must say I'm very pleased with them. Their download speeds max out my 1.5Mbps downstream. The ftp performance for uploads is VERY "snappy." My vBulletin 2.0 forums perform very well indeed! Last night I had as many as 12 - 13 simultaneous users on my forums without any errors or performance issues (12 - 13 is a lot for me ). Granted, I have optimized my forums to get performance up and load time down.

    The only complaints I have are: 1. Currently there is no support for gZip compression in the PHP on my server. I just e-mailed them to see if support for gZip/zLib can be added to my server's PHP implimentation. 2. When I first signed up and was e-mailing their tech guys with MySQL questions (through their e-mail form) it took 2-3 days for them to respond. Recently, however, they have been responding the next day usually. Their preferred method of tech support is e-mail. They have phone techs but on their support site they say to call them if you are experiencing down time or something else that is urgent. For those that already know all the MySQL stuff this delay in tech support responses probably isn't as much of an issue. Oh yeah, #3 might be that I haven't been able to get my perl e-mail forms to work yet, but that doesn't really have anything to do with server performance or anything...

    My main concern when looking for a new host was MySQL performance. My old server was crapping out with my vB 1.15 forums. Hostpro's tech guys told me that my concerns should be focused on my monthly bandwidth allotment, not their servers' MySQL capacity. They said their MySQL servers are capable of anywhere between 1-200 simultaneous users, but at that point my monthly bandwidth allotment would be the limiting factor. I was pleased to hear this. My monthly bandwidth allotment is 10GB per month... it's not a lot in comparison to what some sites use, but for me it's plenty. And if I need more bandwidth or something there are 3 more Freedom plans to grow into that are very easy to upgrade to (just make a phone call).

    I was hoping the saying, "You get what you pay for" would apply to Hostpro. In terms of server performance and MySQL capacity, I think this saying is very true.

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    Hi Jakeman

    I was a little disapointed about the lack of gzip also. Could you let us all know what their response is please. - British expatriate community


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      The tech guy responded and said that there is no plan to support gzip on their servers as of right now. He said that I can install my own implimentation of PHP with gzip support since it doesn't require root access to install it, but that they wouldn't be able to provide me with any support for my implimentation of PHP aside from reverting it back to the default PHP config if I wanted.

      He ended by saying that he sent in a proposal to add zlib/gzip support to their PHP so that it will be considered in future upgrades.


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