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  • UK based vB hosting

    I need a UK based hosting solution as 90% of the members of my board are UK based and say what you like about the price differentials between US and UK based hosting but the fact is that UK based hosts are generally much faster than US ones for UK based clients. It's a simple fact of geography and network distances.

    I'm currently on shared hosting with 1&1 ( and despite the fact that some people seem to hate them with a passion I have been very pleased with their service and have had no issues at all. My members consistenly report my board to be the fastest one they use and I've not had downtime or slowness that I've been aware of.

    However, one thing that's only in the small print and which I've only just become aware of is that they have a 100Mb limit on MySQL database sizes in all their shared packages . My DB is currently at around 75Mb (of which 29Mb is searchindex so worst case I could disable search if things came to a head). I don't really want to get into archiving threads so quite soon I'm going to need a bigger DB. The only way I can do this with 1&1 is to move to a dedicated host (either managed or root access) which means a monthly cost increase from £8.99/month to £29/month for the same 10Gb bandwith - ouch!

    Does anyone have recommendations of a UK based alternative hosting company? Someone that will let me have a MySQL DB significantly larger than 100Mb, preferably a shared package with SSH access. I regularly have 30+ simultaneous users (max was 79!) and so far my 1&1 package has been able to handle that without problems.

    Also, what's involved in moving a vB forum (+ a few other HTML pages) to a new host with the same domain name? What kind of downtime can I expect?


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    What kind of downtime can I expect?
    If you do it correctly, a few mins max.


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      I assume that "correctly" involves setting up the whole forum and DB etc. on the new location first but how do I get the domain to switch that quickly? Do I have to use a redirect from the old host? Surely when you transfer a domain from one host to another there must be some time when the domain is inaccessible? Am I able to specify when the switch happens?

      Sorry about the many questions...



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        What you would do is close the board on the old server, backup the files and then restore everything on the new server and reopen the board on the new server.

        You would then edit the DNS on the old server to forward requests to the new server. At the same time you then edit the nameservers for the domain to point at the new server.

        There should be no downtime at all if done correctly.


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          Why stick with UK hosting? My site is UK based and I would never go with a UK hosting company as I have never found one that can measure up to the standards of the US ones. I have a server with (previously know as Rackshack) - I was with two other US hosts before that. My site is never slow from the UK - try it,

          US hosts have better support, better servers, they know what they are doing and they cost much much less.

          For small to medium sites, have a look at VO or EV1 virtual hosting packages.
          Mike Warner
          MIGWeb - a Vauxhall Site for Enthusiasts of all Vauxhalls


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            Hi Micaaelab,

            I too am with oneandone in the UK, and also have very few complaints about them. I didn't know about the 100MB limit for MySQL databases though and as mine is just about 92MB I also need to do something about this. My issue with them isone of bandwidth. I have several of the Professional packages and each of these has a limit of 40GB per month which is a very generous amount. However, I exeeded that past month and is one of the reasons I am looking to migrate my board from phpBB2 to vB.

            I know I'll get similar useage on vB but as vB is a commercially written application rather than an Open Source one I am expecting there to be differences. For example, if useage is the same, I shall get significant additional functionality within vB etc...

            I'd be interested to know if you discover a new ISP - if you do, please can you post here. Many thanks


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