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  • Implement my own Call to Home

    Good evening Gents,

    I've been working on a site management script written in PHP + MySQL called Sitekore ( for about two years now that runs the Junkyard (, and online gaming site. In the beginning I was creating it because there wasn't anything out there that did what I wanted the Junkyard to do.

    Anyhow, I'm nearing the point where I'd like to release it to the public, in a fashion similar to vBulletin. However, in an attemp to deter people from pirating my script, I was wondering how I could safeguard things... my own call to home feature.

    I just installed VB3RC4 on the Junkyard and I noticed in the beginning of the install process, it asked for my customer information. I actually have no idea how the call to home feature works in vB - I have an idea - that being that whenever you login / install (?) it sends a message to the servers that such and such is logging in and it's up to the team to make sure that they're using a valid copy.

    How would I go about creating something (perhaps not as sophisticated) like this for Sitekore?

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    When you install vb that isn't the call home bit, thats just a test to work out whos intillegent and not (as i guess), or possibly who knows there number or not.

    The call home bit is when you login to your admincp and you get information about the latest version available.

    If you want to impliment such a feature, the easiest way would be doing a picture that was linked to your server (best in the admin side of it), and once the page is loaded it will access your server and download the picture.

    All you would do then is make the picture actually a php script which recorded the loaction of the referer and any other information but displayed a picture.

    There is any number of ways of doing it, but its best not to use a way which is depending on your server (ie a php script accessing your server to download a file) and best do it as a picture of javascript.


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      A problem with that is, if the user knows anything about PHP they could easily just take out the link to the image. That is assuming that your code is not at all encrypted! If it is encrypted then that is a good way.


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        And that leaves most of the stupid pirates caught in the act.


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