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  • MD5/SHA-1 Hash Cracking Utility

    I noticed a lot of questions have been asked here about decrypting MD5. Those of you who said that its not decryptable because its not an encryption are absolutely correct. Some of you also mentioned that you can compare the hashes with each other to verify passwords for vB. ngHashCrack works the same way since it is impossible to reverse engineer a md5/sha-1 hash. See the quoted readme near the bottom of this post.

    I don't know if this tool will come in usefull to those of you running your own vB's for password recovery, but there are other implications for this too.

    Passwords for many different kinds of software are md5/sha-1.

    You decide what you may need it for.

    Heres the README.TXT for ngHashCrack

    'ngHashCrack' is a command line Hash Cracker for Windows. Currently it
    can bruteforce (incremental mode or wordlist) sha-1 and md5 hashes.


    C:\ngHashCrack-1.0>ngHashCrack --incremental --alpha --md5
    --hash FBCB88C926A2D1E0243CB3884233A988
    ngHashCrack v1.0 by NGSEC Research Team <[email protected]>
    FREEWARE hash cracker
    Next Generation Security Technologies

    Mode: Incremental (alphanumerical characters)
    Algorithm: MD5
    Hash: FBCB88C926A2D1E0243CB3884233A988

    + Checking words of 1 bytes... done
    + Checking words of 2 bytes... done
    + Checking words of 3 bytes...

    Hash cracked with word: "j00"
    Hexadecimal Notation: "6a3030"



    Grab it at:

    NGSEC Research Team <[email protected]>

    (c)Next Generation Security Technologies, 2002. All rights reserved.
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