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  • Wysiwyg?

    Ok, first off I know this a bit of a broad questiong, but I'm not asking for a step-by-step guide (unless you want to write one ).

    I'm writing a GuestBook script, and would like to implement a WYSIWYG editor into it. (just like the one you see here when posting).
    The guestbook is being written in PHP/MySQL.

    So, does anybody have any links to tutorials, ideas, etc, on how I can add a WYSIWYG editor to my script? (and of course preferably one that will cross-browser to the best that is possible anyway)

    Tanks in advance

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    Search on Google for htmlArea 3.0 Beta, that's your best bet for ease of use.


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      Originally posted by Cyborg from DH
      Search on Google for htmlArea 3.0 Beta, that's your best bet for ease of use.

      This will make it quite easy indeed!


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        That editor knows. I will definately be using it. (random nonsense) - (my stupid band) - (AZ local music site) -


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          I shall be looking into it too, lots of projects I know of could be of use of such a script...


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            Mine too, though I'll need to figure out how to convert the tags it creates into BBcode-style tags.
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