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  • xhtml problem

    Ok, I'm rewriting a page using xhtml and I cant figure out why this isn't valid xhtml transitional. Or if it isn't valid what other way is there for me to accomplish what I'm doing.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    you can look there to see what my problem is.

    I need to do something with that background tag. I've tried splitting that table into two tables and just setting the background attribute inside the table declaration. But according to that validator... that wasn't valid either. It just doesnt seem to like that background attribute.

    any suggestions as to how I would make this valid?
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    You shouldn't use the background attribute in XHTML.

    Give that <td> tag an id (e.g. id="bgtd") and put
    #bgtd { background-image: url("images/bg.gif"); }
    in the CSS.

    Also, even though doing just that may get your page to validate, there are a lot of other attributes on your page that you should move to CSS instead.


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      Actually I see now you use it more than once, so use a class instead.


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        Thank you! I always have had a habbit of putting everything in the HTML instead of in CSS. That fixed it.

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