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  • site design dis-satisfaction

    I have finished a draft for a site of a family member '' - but I am not satisfied.

    The first issue I am strungling with in my head is the text in the middle - that is in the water/shore - You can't read it. Making it any color doesn't help me at all. I tried to apply a opacity filter effect, but failed horribly. Hopefully someone has a hint or something for me to help me out.

    The second issue is that I just look at it and think 'its flat'.

    Thirdly, the buttons at the bottom don't have to be flashy or anything, but against all the flatness on the site, they jump into your face too much. Not sure if I am satisfied with that.

    So.. typical design that makes me go 'sigh! I rather stop with this or start over'.

    Please provide some advice/hints maybe a improvement of the file(s).

    Due to the many alternations and testing, my source code is now horrible, so no need to flame me on that hehe

    Attachment are the few simple files (html/css/jpg/gif)s and a screenshot of how it looks 'now' in IE6 and Mozilla 1.3 (the quality of the image is highly reduced due to attachment limits of vbcom website)
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    You're right, lose the buttons. Maybe just make the text for those images drop a shadow or do a very soft pillow emboss (under the Bevel and Emboss blending) with Photoshop. It gives it an engraved look without making it jump out at you.

    As for the text that goes over the dark spots, put a white glow filter on it with CSS or something like that.


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      The thing with those ugly ccs effects is that they are horrible blocky and don't 'glow' as nice as one would like to see : anti aliassed - but feel free to show me an example if you think you can show me otherwise.

      the buttons will get some extra work, normal beveling might do the trick yeah.

      Thank you for your feedback.


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        The main problem is that it's pretty difficult to otherwise get a readable font in any color over a background that changes so dramatically like that. Can't you make that page background pic full color and then make the center a solid bg color? Perhaps with semi-transparency, e.g. filter:alpha(opacity=75)


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