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  • Marco
    An auto-scroll layer works like this:

    <div style="overflow: auto; height=XXpx; width: XXpx">Text...</div>

    It will automatically add scrollbars if the content exceeds the size you set for the <div>.

    As for your first question, you might want to play around with position: fixed (however that isn't yet supported by Internet Explorer...).

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  • Buky
    started a topic Layer alligmet

    Layer alligmet

    I can't make my layer stay all the time on one place. (dreamveawer)
    how to put layer stay in some place on page, and don't move if I resize window or change resolution ??
    Can layer be in tabel or something ?

    Need auto-scroll layer to put my text content into it, and scroll it on the site, not the whole site.
    Like news on this page :
    Also where ca I find script for that kind of scrolling ??

    Please help me on this one.
    Thanks, Buky

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