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  • Appending Ends on HTML Links

    Alright, on my new site design, when a button on the top nav menu, it will target the iframes called main and menu. Main is where the main site goes and menu is where the sub menu for that category goes. What I want to do is have it so when the category is clicked, the only text it sends is the name like home, forums, etc. But when it gets to the main and menu area, it appends either a .php (for main) or a -menu.php on it for the menu.

    This way when the top menu is clicked on the home icon, it sends the word home. The main iframe loads the page called Home.php and the Menu iframe loads the Home-Menu.php anyone know how to do this?

    Second Question

    Im having an HTML problem. This is what I got. I want 5 images RIGHT next to each other with no gaps in between them. But to make it visibly nice to look at my code, i put them on seperate lines. No <BR> no <p>, just seperate lines.

    <img src="blah.gif">
    <img src="blah1.gif">
    <img src="blah2.gif">
    <img src="blah3.gif">
    <img src="blah4.gif">

    Isnt there some kinda symbol or something I can put to make it be able to stay like that but also not have spaces?

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    1) use javascript

    2) if u want them side by side then use:

    <img src="blah.gif"><img src="blah1.gif"><img src="blah2.gif"><img src="blah3.gif"><img src="blah4.gif">

    if u want them underneath each other use

    <img src="blah.gif"><br />
    <img src="blah1.gif"><br />
    <img src="blah2.gif"><br />
    <img src="blah3.gif"><br />
    <img src="blah4.gif"><br />


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      I wanted the code underneath each other but not the actual images. Using </br> puts them vertical. Ive come to fear this is hopeless


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        I wanted the code underneath each other but not the actual images.
        are u aware that doesnt make ne sense o_0

        u can position anything anywhere in HTML

        explain what u want in English please


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          aha, ive reread it a few times and I now understand what you want.

          and the short answer is no you cant, now program messily like the rest of us


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            LOL! Im sorry bout that. Yea, I finally gave in the other night and got messy Thanks anyways


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              <img src="blah.gif"
              ><img src="blah1.gif"
              ><img src="blah2.gif"
              ><img src="blah3.gif"
              ><img src="blah4.gif">
              That neat enough for you? It will display them side by side, no spaces



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