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    I'm going back to school for the first time in 5 years. Taking classes just for the fun of it. I'd really like to learn PHP but out of all the school here in the Detroit area I haven't found any that offer just PHP classes. There are C++, java, database, and perl classes but haven't found any that offer just PHP. I'm starting to get annoyed and curious as to why.

    Is PHP not that popluar yet? It seems to me like the most powerful web programming language out there. At least that's the impression I have. So why doesn't every college offer straight up PHP 101 classes?

    I was going to take a C++ classes thinking it would be easier to learn PHP after. But then a friend told me C++ is really difficult and honestly I can think of a million things I want to do with PHP but nothing I really want to do with C++. So I figured why waste my time learning C++ then. Why don't I just see if I can find a way to go straight to PHP.

    Does anyone konw of any schools in the Detroit area that ofer PHP classes?

    I guess I wouldn't mind learning Perl if I have to. Since it does seem similar. But I've always hated cgi scripts. PHP seems so much more logical to me and everyone who used to program in perl seems to be switching to php now.

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    sorry this should be in the PHP coding forum. I misplaced it.


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      My suggestion would be to first read the manual and then, if you still have some questions, post them here or search around other sites for more tutorials.


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        because most people can teach it to themselves

        buy a book if u find learning new things difficult.

        I just used


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          php is a lot like C++ and Java so if you take a beginning class on either of those you'll be able to pick up php really easily.. that's what i did...


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            I used php fast&easy web development to start, then professional php programming as a reference...and now i'm an expert (pfft )


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