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  • Picture galleries in php


    I was wondering if someone could help me with some php?

    I want to be able to simplify my html for displaying pictures with php. At the moment I have the displaying of pictures working fine, so I can have a line such as the following to open up a new window with an image inside it:-

    <a href="display.php3?image=images/set1/001.jpg" onClick="return popup(this)">
    popup() is a Javascript function.

    So.. what I'd also like to add is the ability to have a "next/previous" ability on the image page. Is there a way that I can pass through 2 parameters, eg. "folder=images/set1" and "pic=1", and then build up the filenames and so use (pic-1) and (pic+1) to change the pic in the window (using Javascript)?

    I'm not sure on either the php or Javascript code to do this :-( ..


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    PHP Code:
    function print_picture($num$dir "images/set1") { // you can set the default directory to whatever you want
    $num intval($num);
    "<center><img src=\"$dir/${num}.jpg\"></center>";
        if (
    $num != 1) {
    "<center><a href=\"image.php?num=" . ($num 1) . "\">&lt; Previous</a>";
    " <a href=\"image.php?num=" . ($num 1) . "\">Next&gt;</a></center>";

    $num = (isset($_GET['num']) ? $_GET['num'] : 1);
    That's pretty much the gist (jist/gyst/jyst/whatever) of it. The pictures would have to be named 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, not 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg, and so on. It could be done, but it would take some extra coding


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