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Making a PHP default as home page

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  • Making a PHP default as home page

    Don't know much about PHP itself, but I installed a modification on my site to pull forum content to the home page. Only thing is that the page has to be tagged with an extension .php.

    In my case, the home page to the site is

    I know that with .HTM pages, of you use name of the page such as "index.htm" or "home.htm" you can access that page just by typing the main site name, such as...

    You don't need to add the extension of "index.htm" because it automatically loads it. My question is, is it possible to do the same thing with a .php page? Right now I have my home.htm file redirecting to a home.php page when a user first enters the site.

    Your insights would be appreciated. Thanks!

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      of course you can, often webservers are set up to accept

      (default|index).(php|html|cgi|pl|phtml|php3|htm) etc etc

      possibly home


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