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Using the vbulletin user db

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  • Using the vbulletin user db

    I'm in the process of writing my first php app to use on my website in conjunction with vBulletin. The app requires authenication and I am currently using the vbulletin user table for that. What I want to know is, can I relate the userid to another DB that I'm using for the app? I guess this might be more of a MySQL question.

    Any thoughts? Do you need more detail?


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    Yes, you certainly can, simply use the same SQL database for these new tables that you use for vBulletin.

    The table should be called "user" - simply use a SELECT statement based on the username the user enters into the form (SELECT the password and username), and an if statement takes care of the rest. I do this quite a bit so my user's can register on the forums and use that account for other features on the site.
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      i am setting up a different section of our site using the vBulletin database and php. i am connecting and verifying the usernames and passwords no problem, but i am also trying to set a cookie upon the initial login to the other section, and it is not working at all.

      in the header tag i additionally use two cookies for the last date and time visited, but that isnt the problem.

      what i want to do in logic is:


      print the welcome screen (which says:


      <p>Welcome back to UMessager, <b><? print $username ?></b>. You last logged into the system on <? print $old_date ?>.

      <p>You have <? $new_messages ?> new messages. You may check them <a href="umessager.php">here</a>.




      (connect to the DB, verify username, password, etc, etc, etc)

      as soon as the person logs in sucessfully, i want two things:

      - a cookie to be set so that the next time they access the page, they automatically get the welcome screen (obviously the "if($cookie(isset))" argument)

      - the POST action of the form (main.php) to print the welcome message.

      I have found little online to support my logic, which I attribute to this being a very basic need, but oh well.

      Thank you.


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